Easily The Scariest Moment of my Life

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  1. To give some backstory, I was an 11 year old female. I have always been petite. This lead me to fear almost anything and everything. Now my father is around 6’5 and weight roughly 260 pounds. My grandfather was around 6’2 answer weighed around 230 pounds. Now, my family is what you could call red necks. We were okies. The men in our family were very strong, and always carried guns, everywhere they went. That is a very important aspect of this story. Now to continue

It was a hot summer day in the middle of July. My father, my little sister and I, were going up to visit my grandfather for a sort of late independence day get together. He lived about 7-8 hours away In a little town in the middle of farmland. After a long drive, we finally turn down that all to familier gravel road.  I watched from the windows and his neighbors watched us pass. Now to explain where he lives, there is a long gravel road that lead to his home. On both sides of the road there are houses. But, as you go down some more, you can either turn left answer go to my uncles motor home. Now if u keep going straight you’ll see a huge red barn. Behind this barn is 3 huge Fields that my grandfather owns, and behind ALL of that there is a creek that run through the neighboring properties. Now, because he is surrounded by only livestock and family, he never locked up anything. This night I wish he did..

It was around 3 am on the second day we were visiting, and I was up and awake in one of his bedrooms. My sister was asleep in another room next to mine and my dad was sleeping on a covered patio. I decided I should get some sleep, but I didnt want to be alone, atleast at that moment. I felt a feeling of sudden dread in my stomach. I went to the patio where my father was sleeping and opened the sliding glass door to enter the cold room. Now, this room is COVERED in windows as I layed down on the couch for about an hour, my eyes started to fall droopily. For some reason I felt a sudden urge to look around. I looked forward through the sliding glass door and looked into The living room. In a far window, I saw a silhouette of a figure. I sat there petrified. Now u are probably confused on how this home is layed out, the patio was once opened, but he closed it. If u Walked to the right, u could go into a small breakfast room and go through a door that leads to the kitchen and a main room. Then if you go to your left you could go into his backyard. If you were where I was, if you go straight, you’ll walk through the sliding glass doors that also lead to the main room. If u turn right, there are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. And on the other side there is a kitchen and my grandpas room. Now that you understand the layout we can continue. As I looked through the living room, I saw the figure walk up on the front porch and started wiggling the door knob, i saw it slowly open. It wasn’t locked I nearly shit myself. I had one way that I could access my grandpas room. I walked over to the far side of the room and creeped through the door that connected to The kitchen, which lead to his room and the living room. When I finally reached the door that lead to the kitchen I slowly opened it and ducked behind the counter. I crawled slowly to his bedroom door. I tried to do this all while not being seen or heard. I heard the guy go into the room where I once was. He was scavenging through my grandmas old stuff. At this point, I could see the living, the porch, my grandpas room. I saw the guy make his way to the closest. I took my chance I bolted to my grandpas room. I woke him up and started to cry I tried to explain best I could in this state,  he finally undertstood what was happening he quietly jumped up and unlocked his safe, while trying not to be heard. He grabbed some kind of  rifle. (Sorry I’m bad with guns). He rushed or into the kitchen. All I remembered st this moment was that I was shaking so bad. I told my grandpa that my sister was still in her room sleeping, he cursed under his breath he got up and set me behind the counter. He secretly made his way over there. He walked into the room the guy was in. I heard the click ofy grandfather loading the gun. Just then, I heard a yell of pain, but it wasn’t the stranger, it was my grandfather. I started to cry. The guy tries to tackle my grandpa to the floor. He pointed to the room my dad was in.  My grandfather struggled (he is old after all) I ran to get my dad. He told me to call the cops. I ran to my cell phone and called. I still remember the sweet voice of the operator, at that moment, I felt a sense of safety. My grandfather managed to pin the guy to the ground, my grandpa and my father kept the guy pinned to the ground until the cops arrived. I still remember shaking outside with my little sister waiting for the police to show. I still remember the look the man gave me as he got escorted  into the back of the cop car. It wasn’t until last month that I got the whole story of what happened that night. Appearently, the guy was someone from my grandfathers work. My grandad explained that he asked the kid to complete a task he couldn’t be do. The guy became angry when he didn’t thank him. This proves that you truly don’t know who people truly are until you make them angry.

I still to this day haven’t gone back. It was easily the most terrifying night of my life. It was the first time I saw my life truly flash before my eyes. The picture I added was taken when I was driving back to my grandfathers home after dinner that night just before this happened approximately 7 hours later.

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