Duplicated Sibling

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I am a female 16 year old and I have a twin and older sister, my brother wanted to go to the movies and watch 47 meters down I decided I would go with him, his boyfriend was my best friend and he was going so I knew I wouldn’t be alone. I asked my sister ” Hey do you wanna come see 47 meters down with me, Liam, and Aaron?” She said no I thought she would. As we left for the car we herd a “thump” I didn’t really know what it was but I didn’t really care. We saw the movie and in a basic horror movie two twins starring at me, ofcorse me as we left the cinama, as we drove home Aaron was looking on Instagram taking selfies then he found a picture. The  picture was if a girl, but she the same girl was in the picture… That girl was my sister. The “duplicate” was starring at her through the window. I told Liam to go faster. When we got to the house we opened the door and we saw a wine grass on the floor… Sicne we have a big house there were countless stair ways and balconies and we all looked up, we saw my sister Lizzie’s hair.. It rushed back and Aaron, the head of the soccer team, sprinted up the stairs. When I caught up to Aaron I saw it… I was so slow because I was wearing heels that were high. I dropped my phone I had had it to text my parents and my best friend Tegan. 5 minutes later Tegan arrived and she, wearing heels ran up taking 2 minutes. And she dropped her hair ribbon… We saw my sister lying on a longeing sofa… And our sisters duplicate dirty with mud… The duplicate dissapered and my sister woke up… She asked why we were all here so early after we left and why Tegan was there.. Then we explained EVERYTHING.

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