Drunk At McDonalds, Random Creep from High School

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Hey, I just had a couple of creepy things happen to me within the past couple days that I figured would be fun to share. You can choose which of them you would like to use if you want. ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw, you can refer to me as ChristianGirl777, since that’s my YouTube name.

Drunk at McDonalds, Submitted by ChristianGirl777:

This past Sunday I had an unexpected and slightly unsettling experience. I’ve grown up very sheltered due to a protective family, so creepy things almost never happen to me. After the evening service of our church ended around [7:00] or [7:30], I drove my best friend, who I’ll refer to as K, and my little brother who I’ll refer to as H, over to Wal Mart so that K could pick up some things for her mother. Once we finished there we decided to keep to our original plan to get ice cream at McDonalds. Even though K was definitely lower on money than she was before, she still had enough to get some. A few minutes later we arrive at the overly popular fast food joint and I pull into the Drive-Thru. Let me just say right now that I’ve seen McDonalds busy before, but this was absolutely ridiculous!! There were so many cars that I almost couldn’t believe it. It hadn’t been this crowded in a long time, at least not to my knowledge. Anyways, we sit in the Drive-Thru marveling at how insane this is when we hear an intoxicated voice call out to us. “Hey!” We all turn to face where the voice is coming from and see a teenage guy waving at us. There are a few other guys with him, and all of them have bikes. Not wanting to be rude, I call back to him. “Hey!” “My name is Noah!” He cries out in an even more drunken-sounding way. Realizing that I probably shouldn’t converse with him any further, I roll up my window. K, H, and I laugh and joke about this whole situation as we wait for the cars in front of us to move. Finally, we get our food and get out of there. I felt better after seeing those guys ride away on their bikes in the opposite direction from where we were going, but that didn’t stop us from wondering what could have happened if we had continued to engage him. I honestly hope that he meant no harm, because the whole occurrence was a tad creepy. Especially when K mentioned how he was checking me out…


Random Creep from High School, Submitted by ChristianGirl777

I just had one of the most gut-wrenching things happen to me no more than a couple hours ago…If you’ve heard my McDonalds story, you know that I grew up very sheltered and thus very well-protected from pretty much everything. For the first time in my life, I received a VERY creepy message on social media from someone whom I really wish I could trust. I’m sure this kind of thing happens a lot, but for me this is a very big deal. Let me tell you how it all started;

I was talking to my best friend K, whom some of you know from my other story, and my other best friend M to make plans for this coming week. I’m getting a lot of time off work, and it really has me very excited because I will have more time to hang out with people.

Anyway, everything is going well, when all of a sudden I receive a completely out of the blue message from a guy who I haven’t seen or talked to in two years. I’m really shocked since even when we did see each other in high school, we didn’t really hang out much. Why is he suddenly contacting me now??

We have a painfully awkward conversation for several minutes, and then he starts asking me to hang out with him right at that moment.

Keep in mind that it’s about [10:00] at night…my parents of course don’t want me to go anywhere with him right then, especially my dad. The whole thing made me anxious, but I remembered how nice he was to me in high school the few times we did talk to each other, so I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, even when his questions became creepier. He asked me if I had a boyfriend, what I like to do for fun, and what my favorite movies were, all of which could be seen as perfectly normal questions.

But having him pop them all out during our first conversation in years was extremely panic-inducing. I answered honestly, but was very careful with how I responded to him. All the while I’m telling K everything, and she is just as freaked out as I am. He had tried to contact her as well, but she didn’t respond to him as quickly as I did. We weren’t sure if he was going to try something bad or not, so I continued conversing with him in spite of how uncomfortable it was.

Desperately wanting to give him a chance in remembrance of how fun he used to be, I decided to meet up with him in person at Starbucks sometime the following week.

For all I knew, he was a decent person, even if he didn’t talk quite right. Some people have issues with talking to others, and they really aren’t trying to be unsettling with how they speak, so I figured it would be unfair to not see what he was like outside of Facebook. Not long after this I had an urge to talk to my third best friend, who I’ll refer to as A, about it since she knew him better than anyone else in my circle of friends did.

We talked about it for a couple minutes, and what I learned was definitely NOT good. Apparently he did to A exactly what he was doing to K and I, and she warned me to stay away from him. He was apparently just as creepy to hang out with in person as he was to talk to on social media, and he gave her a bad vibe. I quickly told K what A said, and we both ended up blocking him. We feel much better, much safer after doing so. I’m really glad that neither of us ended up having to deal with someone who was most likely going to be trouble.

I’m sorry if he was hurt by us blocking him, but really, he should stop acting so creepy with women…


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