A Drive Through Beaver Dam

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This is a story with my friend (we’ll just call him Rylan) my sister and her boyfriend took me to a “haunted woods tour” because my birthdays on Halloween and this is how they wanted to celebrate(we were 13 and my sister is 23) in all actuality it was a cheesy high school tour were they would dress up and try to scare you (also funny to add that my got slapped in the face with a bag of mom’s by someone who accidently threw it at her) but we made fun of there costumes and stuff.

we got in the car and drove off, this is when shit hit the fan, my sisters befriend thought it would be cool to go to some abandon all girls school, we got lost but eventually got to the place. it was a terrifying long narrow road and was said whenever you go down the road all the car power would turn off, but my sisters boyfriend had gotten a new car battery, it was especially creepy for the fact that there were signs like “bus stop ahead” when we got there my sisters boyfriend left and came running back to the car yelling GO GO GO.

we kept drive but we were lost, but a whole bunch of terrifying things started happening including seeing faces, eyes and strange people and as we were parked cars kept flashing us we found are way back I heard breathing in the trunk everybody made fun of me until Rylan heard it and my sister dropped me off and naturally home alone I heard whispering voices but the worse part was I saw my mother in my back yard, she had opened the sliding door a quarter open I saw my parents car pulled in and my dad walks in, then my mom walks in with a different outfit I had checked the house to find the sliding door open.

This is still the scariest night of my life.

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