Drama Club Creep

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This happened in my junior year of high school.

I was taking Drama as my elective for the spring semester and we were all getting ready for the spring play. There was one boy in my class, we’ll call him Aaron. Aaron was new to the school and rumor had it that he had come from a place for troubled kids. As a victim of rumors myself throughout high school, I don’t pay much attention to them. So I tried to get to know him better.

For the first few weeks,  he seemed pretty cool. He always told me how pretty I was and that he was glad he’d taken drama since it gave him a chance to meet me.

Fast forward to a few months before summer break. We’re rehearsing for the play. I was one of the female leads and Aaron was helping paint the backdrops.

One afternoon while we were taking a break I wanted to ask if he wanted to go get some snacks and soda with me. I see him standing by the backdrop with paint all over his hand and he’s licking it. I asked what the hell was he thinking and, I kid you not, he looks right at me with a dazed look in his eyes and says “I wanted to see if brown paint tasted as much like chocolate if it looks. Want to try some?”

I said no.

From there, things got weirder.

Whenever I was on the stage with the others, Aaron would sit and watch. Whenever I spoke my lines, he would yell in a loud, obnoxious voice “What did she say?! Speak up! They won’t hear your mumbling in the nosebleed seats!”

It was annoying, but I just thought he was trying to get attention and ignored it.

Then he started throwing props at me.

I reported him to our drama teacher, but she told me it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Then one day, a week or two after the play (which I ended up missing due to catching the flu) something happened that still haunts me to this day.

Aaron and I were the only juniors in our class. All of the others were seniors and had gone on their senior trip. Our teacher, we’ll call her Ms. J, told us since it was just the three of us, she would buy us some sandwiches from subway since our school allowed students and faculty to order lunch. She then left for the office.

Aaron apologized for his behavior over the last few weeks and to make amends hr said he had a costume he wanted to show me backstage.

There was one final play for the year that I hoped to be in and he said he thought it would be the perfect costume to audition in.

Keep in mind, I was a tad sheltered as a child so even at the age of sixteen I was innocent to the ways of boys.

So I followed him backstage to the costume room.

The second I entered the room, Aaron shoved me against the wall, pinned my arms, and pressed himself against me. I tried to push him off but he was about 5’9 and possibly 170 lbs whereas I was 5’4 and 130 lbs at the time.

“We’re going to do something together,” he whispered to me. “And you’re going to like it.”

I could see him release my wrist and unzipping his pants. He pushed himself further against me.

“You won’t make a sound,” he said, grinning. He sounded so sure of himself.

At that moment, I can’t explain it, but I lost it.

“NO!” I screamed, slamming my knee into his crotch. Aaron cried out and fell to his knees as I squirmed free.

“I SAID NO!” I shouted over and over and over as I raced from the room and through the halls, not caring who heard me.

As I ran for the office, I saw Ms. J.

“Where are you going?” She demanded.

“I’m not going back there!” I screamed at her.

After I told the principal everything that had happened, he told me he believed Aaron was trying to rape me. I had always had such little understanding of the word rape.

To this day I wonder how I could have been so stupid. Everyone has repeatedly assured me it was not my fault and I was lucky that I knew to fight.

After that incident, I never saw Aaron again. And I hope I never do.

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