Double Weirdos at Target

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So before I start this story, let me give you some background information. I am 13 years old and live in a small neighborhood releatively close to a Target. The Target is a popular place for teens of the neighborhood to hang out and meet up.

Anyway, lets get into the story. Me and a friend who we will call Brady, had made plans to meet up with some other friends at the Target whom I will call Kira and Sara. We got on our bikes to ride to Target and took our usual route. It was all going normally until we rode past a wannabe gangster looking guy. He was about 5’8″, African American, and in his early 20s. He was wearing all red Jordans gear and was walking the opposite direction of us. As we pass, he gives us a few dirty looks and gives us what looks like a gang sign with his hands. Keep in mind this is all in broad daylight, and right next to a playground with little kids present. The parents of the kids started to notice this character, and started packing their things up and getting ready to leave.

After we were long gone from the guy, Brady and I make a few jokes about him and brush it off as nothing. Although that might not bad, it gets worse. Kira and Sara decided to pull a little prank on us by saying they hadn’t arrived yet. Brady and I watched the main entrance to the store like a hawk for a good 10 minutes, only to get jumpscared from behind by them. After my heartrate went down and I finished laughing, we walked towards the snack section. I look to my left, and somehow the same guy in the fruit section just eyeballing us. When I look at him, he looks away and exits the store. I was getting seriously scared at this point. How did he get over here on foot when he was going the opposite direction. Better yet, he was not even on a bike. Even if we did miss him on the way in, he still had to have followed us. I point this out to Brady and he got nervous too. We hesitantly and quickly grab our food of choice and pay. Kira and Sara, were on their phones the whole time and didn’t notice a thing.

After we said our farewells to Kira and Sara, we were about to walk about the door when we were confronted by a woman. She was wearing a black tank top, had tan skin, and looked to be in her mid 30s. She told us she had seen us in the chip aisle, and was wondering if she could pay for our food. I was actually considering it when I remembered all the stories on the news of child abduction happening just like this. I am 5’11” and this lady was about 5’5″, so if she did try anything I could have broke free. No matter how much I love free food, I turned down the offer. The lady tried to convince us once more, then walked out the doors. Now this could have simply been a lady being nice, but she had no groceries in hand and was alone. Come to think about it, nobody was in the chip aisle except for me and my friends. So wannabe gangster and crazy lady, let’s not meet again.

NOTE: This is my first ever time writing a pasta. I am a long time listener, first time writer.


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