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Just the other day I was watching one of your videos and heard you mention that you were looking for teacher stories. I’m not a teacher, but I am a teaching assistant and work for a private school.

I have a lot of creepy stories and had always thought about submitting a story or two.

Neither my co-worker or I have ever told anyone about what happened at our work last year so I figured this would be as good a story as any to submit. Hope this is the kind of story you’re looking for.

This story takes place almost a year ago exactly.

I work at a private school in California. I’m a teaching assistant and work for our after school care program. My co-worker, who I’ll call M, and I have always thought our work was haunted. Well, I always knew it was, she thought it might be. Doors would open and close on their own, we’d hear voices and footsteps, toys would be left in strange places after we’d put them away for the day, we’d see things out of the corner of our eyes.

You name it, it happened. It also didn’t help that we were always the last people on campus, if anything, it just upped the creepy factor. While all these occurrences were definitely unsettling, this story was one of the most disturbing.

Like I said earlier, we’re pretty sure it’s haunted and decided to go around the building with holy water, incense while praying and telling whatever spirits were there that they needed to leave. Thinking this worked we went home.

The next day M and I were working with pre-k. In our pre-k building there’s a loft, I’ll link a picture of it, M was sitting at the table right in front of the loft when one of our pre-k kids came and sat on her lap.

She had her head an M’s shoulder and told M “there’s a little boy up there.”

M looked up at the loft and saw that no one was in the loft, she called the little girl silly for trying to trick her saying “There’s nobody there.” But the little girl, let’s call her A, was adamant sitting up and saying, “He’s right there! But you can’t see him because he’s hiding from you.”

Needless to say M was creeped out, but told A, “Well he can come down here and play when he’s ready.” A said okay and laid her head back on M’s shoulder.

A minute or two go by when A’s heads whips up and exclaimed, “But don’t lock him in there, he doesn’t want to be locked in there.” Now M is thoroughly freaked out, and tells me what happened with A.

In doing so I make a horrifying realization, while going through the building with holy water the night before I hadn’t used the holy water in the loft.

We had already locked it up for the night and hadn’t thought to unlock it. Now here’s were we feel into that horror movie cliche. We had bought a Ouija board the previous Halloween but had never used, it had just sat in its box in the back of my car for almost a year. So like dumbasses, we decided to use the board.

We knew using the board at the school was a terrible idea so we drove down the street to the marina.

We start using the board and ask if someone is there.

A spirit comes through saying its name is Daniel, and that he’s a young boy. Daniel tells us that, including himself, there are three spirits in our particular building. A female spirit named Maria, and a bad spirit. While M believed the board I was rather skeptical. I’ve been able to feel when spirits are around me ever since I was little.

I had only ever felt one spirit in that building and I knew it was bad news.

But I kept that information to myself. So “Daniel” tells us that he and Maria are afraid of the other spirit and that it is very mad at me for trying to make it leave saying it wants to hurt me. Daniel also continuously gave us the number five along with a string of other numbers. We closed the session so we could try to figure out what those numbers meant.

I had the thought, what if it’s a phone number? Turns out I was right. Three of our co-workers have the same first four numbers of their phone numbers. For example it was like (***)123-4***. We then returned to the board and asked if something was going to happen to our three co-workers. The board said yes. We asked if someone meant them harm, again it said yes. Not much happened after that, we closed the session and went home.

Upon returning to work the next day I went up to A and asked about the boy in the loft. I asked if she knew his name or what he looked like.

At first she was hesitant but responded with, “His name is Daniel and he has dark hair, dark eyes and grey skin.” I asked if she meant pale skin and she said no, got up and brought me a grey marker and said “grey, like the marker.”

Needless to say M was freaked out and walked out of the room. I then asked A if there was anyone else there that liked to hid from us like Daniel does, she told me no all the while looking around the room as if she’s making sure “Daniel” isn’t near by. I asked if she was sure and she said yes, she also told me that Daniel scares her.

That he’s not very nice, that he yelled at her for telling us about him. It cemented what M believed and I already knew, the pre-k building was definitely haunted. It also meant I was right, “Daniel” wasn’t who he said he was.

A few weeks go by, M and I have all but forgotten about the board giving us our co-workers numbers. Mostly because we’d been so busy with work and life. That is until the three of them went on a trip with two of their friends.

The group of five traveled to the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

They were in the middle of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

They survived and were unharmed. It didn’t take long for M and I to put all the pieces together. The shooting took place exactly five weeks after we used the Ouija board. Leading up to the shooting almost all of the activity had died down.

As soon as our co-workers returned, so did the activity.

Only now it seemed more intense, and happened more frequently. To the point were students were starting to see and hear things all the time. So I went through the building again. Only this time I didn’t use a catholic prayer.

You see while I was born and raised catholic I’d had a falling out with catholicism. As I’d mentioned before, i’d always been able to feel if spirits were around me, something my extremely catholic mother did not like. Feeling ostracized for being different and a variety of other reasons, I found my way to Wicca and have been Wiccan ever since. So this time I went around the building burning sage and a preforming a cleansing ritual.

I also made sure to close and seal the board and any door we may had unintentionally left open. So far it seems to have worked.

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