Why I don’t like KFC

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I love KFC but now i don’t i am 21 and this happened to me when i was 9 it was a normal day how are begging for my parents to buy me some KFC KFC was only 5 blocks away from my house so my person why not and they took me there this KFC was mix with a Taco Bell well my parents went up to otter I sat down at a table playing on my phone when a guy ask to sit next to me I said yes and he talked to me by what my address where I’m from what my phone number that kind of stuff I said you need to have my parent for all of it this made him angry and he and he told me to come with him when I say no I’m waiting on my parents he said it will be quick being the stupid 9 year old I was I followed him and he was taking me outside the building I said I have to stay inside the building with my parents he grabbed me and pulled me out all the building and he put his hand around my mouth so I couldn’t scream then he took me to a car and I’m going to get a break on them but he caught me and he said come on little boy when I meant to break free Frozen again I wear nature alleyway the guy Corner me and then he says this is going to be fun then proceeded to take off his clothes and started grinding on me he put his hand over my mouth so I couldn’t say nothing then at that moment I feel like God bless me I heard my dad coming out of the building and yelling my name name he found a guy grinding on me and he knock him out my dad called the police and he got arrested before he got into the car he said I am going to break out and kill you little boy then he gave me the most disturbing book ever I will never forget it I’m glad my dad found me or I don’t know what was going to happen to me all I know that I probably won’t got raped and kidnapped thinking back on the ground I did a lot of stupid mistakes in the situation but I hope to God that he will never get out or you’ll never find where I’m living

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