I Don’t Like Going to Grandma’s After Sundown

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I used to be able to sleep at my grandma’s house, no problem. I would sleep over there whenever my cousins were down to visit. I would sleep over just to get away from my family, it’s a really big family and I get in many fights.

Now, I don’t like to be over after sundown. Don’t get me wrong, I love my grandma. I still go and visit her when I can. I go to her when I have problems. She is the dearest little old lady to me. I just can’t be over there after sundown.

When I was little, I’ve always had little “episodes” where I would get small impressions that I’m not alone. It only really ever happened when I was alone. I did live in an old house, so it doesn’t surprise me that there were some supernatural beings there.

While I was back in my hometown waiting for my parents to come pick me up, I stayed at my grandma’s. I went camping earlier that month with my church group. It was around the same time my parents planned on actually moving to our new home a whole state away. Both my brother and I stayed behind to go camping one last time. My parents decided to come back and get us whenever they could, so we stayed at our relatives. He was at our cousin’s and I was with my grandma’s. It was around this time things started to change.

One night, while I was sleeping in the front room, I felt something lightly brush my forehead. I woke up, expecting to see my grandma, but there was no one in the room. I shrugged it off and went back to sleep. I then started feeling someone poking my nose. I opened my eyes again, still nothing.

The next day, I explained what happened last night to my grandma. I got a response I wasn’t looking for.

My grandma went on to explain to me how I’m one of the few people with a gift. A gift that allows my to see, hear and feel what others can’t. She told me that her and my grandpa also have that same gift. She also told me that ever since she moved there, there has been ghosts that she was slowly getting rid of.

I thought this was the greatest thing ever and I wanted to tell people how special I was. My dreams were soon crushed as she told me that this gift wasn’t something I can just tell people. She made me promise to keep it a secret. I did.

Things didn’t stop there. It got worse each night I was there. The next night was a tap on my shoulder. Then someone shaking me awake. A knock on the door while I went to relieve myself in the middle of the night. Cupboards opening when I went to get a drink. It just kept getting worse.

The second to last night I stayed was the worst of all. That’s when I saw the thing that has been haunting me at night, The very thing that woke me up in the middle of the night.

I had woken up again to take care of business on my royal throne. As I was sitting there, there was another knock on the door. I sighed and simply called out, saying that I was busy. You never know if it were my grandma or grandpa.

The door knob started to shake. I called out again. My grandma did have bad hearing.

That’s when the door started to shake, violently. I watched the door in fear as it continued to shake. It suddenly stopped. I stared at the door, panting as I waited. The door then just stopped. It stopped and sat there as if nothing happened.

The lock on the handle then slowly started to turn. I jumped up and threw the door open in hopes of catching whatever was bugging me by surprise. No one was there. I looked into the play room right across from the bathroom and froze.

There it was, standing the table with my grandma’s containers filled with papers and folders. It stared at me with its small beady black eyes. It looked like a person, but it was completely hairless and naked. Its limbs were very long and lanky. It had long and thin teeth that looked like needles that were too long for its mouth. Each finger was replaced with razor sharp knives.

The very look it gave me frightened me to the core. It was a mixture of hatred and curiosity. I quickly ran out of the bathroom and to my grandma’s room. I slammed the door, waking her and my grandpa up.

They both asked me what was wrong and why I was paler than usual. Not wanting to scare them, I just explained that I had a bad dream and that I wanted to stay with them that night.

After that, every night, I could see that thing standing behind the left side of the doorway that leads from the front door to the living room, peeking out with its head, staring at me with those eyes. So far, it never attacked me and was never around during the day. Once the sun was down, he would be back, staring at me. It was only ever around when I was at my grandma’s.

I’m guessing it’s one spirit my grandma hasn’t seen yet because every time it is around, she never notices.

Now, every time I go to visit my grandma, I’ve always tried to leave before sundown.

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