Dont leave your windows open when you sleep

For the past two weeks or so the days have been getting warmer up here. I’m from Wisconsin so all the posts you see on the internet about the snow storms have already passed us. A couple days ago I opened my window and let in some fresh air. The day quickly passed by as I scrambled to finish my homework for tomorrow. When I finished, I got in bed and listened to some creepy stories out loud trying to fall asleep, unknowingly leaving the window open as I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and listened for my phone. There was no sound so I assumed it was dead. I looked at my window and saw a figure crawling into my room. Its torso was long, almost stretched out but it’s arms were longer with bony fingers and sharpened nails. It had long scraggly hair and grey skin. It was crawling down from my window which is about 20 feet off the ground from the outside. I tried to move and call for my mom but I couldn’t. It was hard to focus on it and I quickly was pulled back into my slumber. Some time passes and I wake up again, forgetting about the sleep paralysis I had just encountered. In the silence of the night, I heard a scratching sound on the side of my pillow and all the memories rushed back like water flowing from a broken dam. I could hear it scratching my pillow with it’s long nails. I closed my eyes tightly but all I could think about was the creature’s smile, content in knowing how scared I was. I was helpless and gave up thinking I was dead. The pure terror, the feeling of an empty cold pit in the center of your stomach. All of the sudden everything stopped. I was able to move and I quickly ran to turn on the lights. I finished the rest of my sleep in the living room that night. I think the creatures in our dreams live in another plane or dimension. It could hear my phone playing from out of my window and crawled in and because I was half asleep I was able to see into their dimension. Regardless, when I listen to scary stories while i sleep, i’ll be sure to leave my window closed


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