this is why i don’t go to summer camp

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I love summer camp, especially the overnight kind.

camp Colman was one of my favorites, it was nestled by the Puget Sound with a lagoon of salt water but no fish
we were pretty near the border of Washington and Oregon and all the cabins had a deck overlooking the strip of land between the ocean and the lagoon but our cabin was the nearest to the lagoon. all my cabin mates were about 14 just like me. the first night we were there we played poker out on the deck for candy and other stuff we had brought when a sickening noise like nails across a chalkboard but louder and higher pitched rang out. we all froze. the sound seemed to be coming from all directions. we all ran inside telling our cabin leaders what happened but they just told us it had to be a pack of coyotes but we knew better. that night while we were sleeping I woke up to the sound again, but I was not the only one, 2 of my cabin mates were up too. we decided that tomorrow we were going to the library. this library had all the animal sounds at camp Colman on a kiosk by the front door. we looked up any animal that could possibly make that noise. nothing matched. we asked other cabins if they had heard it, but none had. we were so afraid to back that night we even volunteered to clean up after dinner. when we finally were forced back to the cabin we all got ready for bed. worried we might hear the noise we shut all the windows and locked the doors. that night the sound returned but it was much louder and seemed closer. we had this terrible first week of the sound getting louder and louder every night. then on the first Sunday, I told my closest friends that we should stay up and see if we could locate the sound. we stayed up reading and passing notes. the noise burst through the back door seemingly only for us because no one else woke up. we were so afraid to step out on to the deck that I will never forget what I saw. a humanoid figure with long arms and claws dangling down its skeletal torso with no visible head was standing near the lagoon. it seemed like only a shadow moving like an ape, on all fours, then it seemed to just fade away into nothing. the sound never returned at all during that summer. but I still have a clear image in my head that keeps me up at night.

sadly I have no photos because no electronics were allowed at camp.
I’m truly sorry but this is no joke and is completely true.

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