The dog next door

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Being attacked by any animal is terrifying. I never thought I’ll be attacked by a animal as im a animal lover.

This happened when I was five. Being five I was really Hort and weak so that meant I wouldn’t be able to protect my self from dangers. I had two dogs at the time Cookie and Jordan. Jordan isn’t aloud outside because he likes to run away. Cookie is aloud outside. We like to go on walks around the neighborhood. By the way cookie was a black pit bull mix with a labrador. She was sweet.

While on our walk one day she wondered off into the next doors neighbors back yard. I ran into the yard trying to get her back. What I didn’t see while I ran in was a beware of dog sigh.

I tried to look for her but didn’t see her anywhere. I gave up and though maybe she left. I turned around to see the biggest dog I have ever seen. At least 3 feet tall and if standing up probably 6 feet. It was a German Shepard. It blocked the gate so I couldn’t walk out.

I was scared and stood there in shock. I didn’t know what to do. This is the first time I been in a dangerous situation and alone. The owners weren’t home. And my family was inside probably not caring where I was.

Growling it started to walk towards me. I snapped out of my trance and back up. It was coming closer and closer by a second. I screamed. After I screamed the dog attacked me. Grabbing me by the foot and dragging me out of the gate. Screaming and crying as the dog did. It carried me away before cookie came. She tried to scare the dog off but she wasn’t strong enough. The German shepard bit her and she ran away in fear. The dog re grabbed me this time by my hand. I screamed out in pain because it felt like it was trying to bite my hand off as if I was a chew toy.

My grandpa noticed the screams and cries and ran over to see the scene. Me getting dragged by a giant dog. He ran over and kicked the dog. Even tho if my grandpa was 40 something at the time. He was still strong. He kicked and punched the dog off me and finally I was free.

Bleeding everywhere he picked me up and took me home. I was taken to the hospital and while I was in there my grandma told me that cookie was safe and that I almost broke my hand.

Till this day I still have a scar on my arms and in my knee of when I was dragged by the dog.

The neighbors put down the dog knowing it was a danger. Now both cookie and jordan have passed away but I have a new dog. He’s very protective of me and when ever he sees another dog he tries to attack it. I think some how he know that I have been attack by a dog and he doesn’t want it to happen again.

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