Do not visit yellow stone alone

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I’m was a park ranger at yellow stone national park and believe me seeing old faithful is not worth your life, I’m a marine that loves the outdoors so I volunteered as a ranger when I was 22, needing a job and a get away from life, i decided to volunteer at yellow stone as it was the best option at the time and I needed a cool down Because I just got home from Iraq.

A handful of rangers are assigned a watch tower and I was lucky enough to get one, when I was assigned to my station which was called “watch tower delta” I quickly made friends with the neighboring towers and there occupants, David was in watch tower Charlie and Thomas was in watch tower foxtrot, just for future notice I was the only ranger that had a firearm at the time,

so I was settling in and talking to Thomas and David over the radio,

it was about 2 in the morning and we were all bored so I started to tell some stories of stuff I saw in Iraq and and Iran when suddenly when we hear over the radio a man scream “He’s chasing me, Help please someone.” David quickly ask the man “who’s chasing you? Do you need help?” Thomas said “oh wow Another kid trying to prank us, he’s not in danger David just leave him be.”

I was afraid for this kid And my fear of this him not returning grew when we got no response for about 5 minutes until we hear “help, I can see a tower like a outpost of some sort.” I ask “are you still in trouble? do you need a ambulance?”

The kid replies with “can you see me Alex?” I’m thinking to myself “what the hell? How does he know my name?” I shrug it off telling myself he’s with a friend and quickly ask him where he is, he starts saying in a menacing and disturbing voice “eenie… meenie… miney… mo…” and he repeats it over and over again and I can slowly start hearing it close by,

I can hear him getting closer and closer and then I hear the sound of someone walking up the stairs that lead to my tower,

I call in a SOS and tell David and Thomas to lock their doors and to call the police, and I grab my AR-15 and set there watch the door, I hear footsteps reach the door and I hear over the radio “are you afraid?”

And through the small window by the door I catch a quick glimpse of him, he was a tall guy and I mean me being 6’0 tall this guy towered over me he wore all black and had a long sharp looking object and a sleek black object in his other hand, I stayed quiet and didn’t dare to move until David said “Alex get you ass up and run through the back window.”

I got up and ran as fast as I could basically jumping through the glass window landing on top of my AR when I got up and started heading to the emergency ladder when I saw him grinning a twisted yellow grin,

He walked closer to me while asking about my kids and wife, “Your daughter would look real nice locked in a cage” he said.

i demanded ” lemme see your hands!” He lunged at me and I fired a single round,

he screamed and took off bleeding, as he ran David took off after him and I called my superior and the police to inform them a crazed man armed and dangerous, was on the injured, when the officers arrived David ran back and told me that he chased him through the woods and he lost him near watch tower India and what scares me the most is what happened to the kid that radio’d for help I wonder if he’s ok,

I really hope these two events had nothing to do with each other, the next day I quit and went back home, it’s been awhile since this happened and I hope the kid is safe at home with his mom or playing video games, and I hope the man that broke into my watchtower and gave me a scare was just a harmless prankster but god knows what he could’ve done if I don’t have my AR, just don’t visit yellow stone alone or atleast with out a gun to fend off what truly lurks in the woods of Yellowstone.

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