Disturbing stalker

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Im 15 and this happened 4 years ago.

I was out with my brother and we went to the school to play basketball. We took a short cut so it took five minutes to get to the cort and on the way we saw a mini van and we looked and the driver and this man gave us a dirty look we brushed it off as a guy who doesn’t like kids and five minutes later we arrived at the cort and we saw the same van but we didn’t see the driver.

There was no one else there and there was no one on the feild. About twent five minutes later we went home and we saw the same van license plate and everything but diffrent driver I told my 13 year old brother and he brushed it off. We went to the intersection and I saw the same van and I figured the van was following us.

So I told my brother to take a diffrent route so the van didn’t follow us I didn’t tell my parents and I wish I did because I never saw it again and I’m glad I haven’t.


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