Disney World Creeper

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In 2017 I went on a family trip to Disney World. We usually spent three days there and this time was no different, or so I thought.

My family normally rents a couple of cabins in the Fort Wilderness area. Normally we can manage to get cabins in the same area but since my grandfather is disabled we were at the other end of the campgrounds.

I decided to go to the fireworks with my aunt, her boyfriend, and my three month old cousin. We are waiting for a boat at the dock and I notice there are a lot of people. Suddenly I get the feeling I’m being watched. Looking around I spot a guy in his mid to late thirties staring at my cousins stroller.

Now I’m a very protective female, especially when it comes to family. So I step in the way of his view, making sure he notices my glare. He gives me a smirking, looking me up and down. Now my adrenaline is starting to kick in.

Soon the boat gets here and luckily they stop loading people right before he gets on. I feel like I can breathe again as we pull away from the dock.

We enjoy the fireworks, get some ice cream, and decide to look through a few shops.

While looking around I feel the hair on my neck raise. Suddenly the guy is there. He is staring at me and I point him out to my aunt and her boyfriend. They take notice and tell me it’s going to be fine.

Soon we are about to leave and everyone decided to make a bathroom stop. I sit with my cousin with my back against the wall. I am constantly looking around, I’m the only one with her at the moment because the bathrooms were packed.

Now the wall I’m against is in the middle of the room because there were elevators there. So both my left and right are more open and there are a lot of people. About five minuets of sitting there I suddenly feel my cousin’s stroller move.

I turn sharply, with my hand balled in a fist, ready to deck whoever is trying to get a look at my cousin. I stop when I notice it’s my aunt’s boyfriend. He takes a step back with his hands up.

I apologize and tell him I’m on edge because of the creepy guy I saw back in the store. He tells me it’s cool and that we were going to head back to the cabins.

Finally when we are back I feel like I can relax. But that was until I saw creepy guy out the cabin window looking around. It’s a bit dark but I can see him up closely. He’s got greasy black hair and a beer gut. Wearing jeans that are being held up with a piece of rope.

I run to my mom and tell her everything. Now my mom is a scary women. At five foot eleven and more heavier set, she can handle her own.

So when creepy guy comes up and knocks on the cabin door, she shoo’s us all into the back room. The conversation went like this.

“Can I help you?”
“I seem to have lost my daughter. She’s about five foot four, half purple/half teal hair, and has brown eyes. Have you seen her?”
“You’re describing MY daughter. I know you have been following her. I suggest you back off before I call the police.”

There was a pause and the door closed. Soon we came out and mom explained that his face had turned white when she mentioned that.

We never saw him again for the rest of our trip. I know its not to scary of a story and though is been a year and a half, I’m still worried about going back there. Especially since my honeymoon is in October and my soon to be husband and I are going to Disney World.

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