My Disney land horror story

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I’m milly, I’m 13 and from the UK ,this story happened a few months ago when I went to Disney land Paris with my family

I was in the park when a old guy probably 50/60 he had along white beard and was wearing an old, tattered England football shirt he walked up to me whilst I was waiting in one of the rides,I was alone because my whole family hated rides

“Hey, gorgeous” he said with an evil grin, I shivered because of the wind
“Hey. ..” I trailed off as he grabbed my arm
“Your coming with me u silly little girl” he shouted in a very angry voice, luckily one of the tour managers saw him and walked up angrily
“Excuse me, sir let her go!” The guy yelled
“She’s my niece” he exclaimed quickly
The man looked at me with a “is he”look I slowly shook my head
“Let her go” the man said again alot louder alerting my mum and step-dad who came running up. Then he old guy ran off
He never got caught but I still think about it now,what would have happened if no one had seen me

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