Disappearing Santa

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I wasn’t going to send this story in but I figured the world needs to know what has happened and is still happening to me.

First, a little back story on myself. You see I am sensitive to the paranormal, mostly spirits but I have seen creatures I can’t explain too. I am not the only one in my family like this, all of my mothers side are like this but I also have visions. I can dream about something then maybe a week, a month, six months, it happens just like I dreamt it. Our great great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian and they say that’s why we are the way we are. My uncle can start speaking Cherokee and the lights start going on and off. I have seen, heard, dreamed and felt all kinds of weird things.

This story happened when I was eight years old, it was the night before Christmas and I wanted to spend the night with my cousin, let’s call her Beth. We lived next door to each other, so my parents said it was ok as long as when I woke up I came straight home to open presents and have Christmas breakfast with my parents and brother. I agreed and got my sleeping bag and went to my cousins house.

Now I must tell you my cousins house was rumored to be hunted but us being children we didn’t believe it. That day nothing really happened. We played and watched tv until about 9pm and my Aunt told us it was bedtime.

Beth climbed into her bed and I laid down in my sleeping bag. We talked a while about what we thought we would get for Christmas and I must have fall asleep talking because the next thing I know Beth was shaking me awake. Startled, I jerked awake and asked What’s going on. Beth had this deer in the headlights look and she was pale. She pointed to the living room and said I just saw someone, a man. He looked around the door at me and when he seen I was awake he disappeared.

Now I was scared but logic kicked in. I told her she must have been dreaming. Then we heard what sound like someone washing dishes. We heard the clink, clink, clink of the dishes. We looked at one another. I got up and tip toes to the door of her room and looked out. Nothing.

I waved her to come with me and we slipped out of her room and tip toed to the living room where we had a good view of the kitchen. I still can’t believe what we saw that night.

We saw a tall man in a Santa outfit standing in her kitchen and a lady getting plates and cups out of the dish drainer and placing them on their table. We were absolutely shocked and then the tall man looked our way. Half of his face was gone, just hanging there and blood covered the Santa outfit. The woman stopped what she was doing and we could see her throat was cut open. Beth let out this scream and I couldn’t do anything I was frozen.

When Beth screamed the woman dropped the plates and both her and the man disappeared, just into thin air disappeared. Beth’s parents came running and asked What was going on. I couldn’t speak but Beth was crying and screaming telling them about the man and woman. Finally I found my voice when I realized I was safe again. When Beth settled down we both told her parents what we had saw and amazingly they believed us. My Aunt went to clean up the broken plates while our Uncle took us back to Beth’s room. He told us to try to get some sleep and they would talk to us in the morning but sleep didn’t come for either of us.

The next morning my Uncle told us that we had seen some ghost and that their house was indeed haunted but none of them would hurt us. I never believed that.

I went home and told my parents what had happened and needless to say I never went back to Beth’s house for sleepovers, she came to my house after that.

When I turned 16 my grandmother told me the story of that house. In the late 1940s there was a man that loved to play Santa to the kids of the neighborhood during the Christmas Season. He had came home one evening and caught his wife with her lover. The man killed his wife and her lover then took his pistol and ended his life. My grandmother showed me the newspaper clippings and there was a picture of the man in the Santa outfit. It was the exact same man I saw that night.

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