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My idea of stalkers have always been people who followed you, and watched your every move, and nothing more, but I’ve recently learned just how very wrong I was. Okay, let’s get to the story.

It was a typical weekend. I was in my room, on my phone. I decided to go on a site called “Omegle”.

Omegle is a site where you can meet, and talk to random people. On phones you can only text other people on this app. I had begun talking to people, and skipping until I started texting this person named Devin.

I started off the conversation with a typical “Hey, how are you?” he typed back something like “Good, you?” etc. We started talking and I found him to be really similar to myself.

He asked for my number, and I reluctantly said yes.

Bad idea.

We started texting on Imessage, and I asked him for his instagram. He said “I don’t have one, but I have a” He gave me his and I checked it to make sure he was a kid, and not a 40 year old creep. He seemed around my age, and pretty normal, so I gave him mine. Again, terrible decision.

The first red flag was the fact that the second I accepted his follow request, he started liking every single that I had made.

I had about 50 Music.lys, so that means he took the time to scroll through every single one. I didn’t find this weird, I just thought he really wanted to be my friend.

The next day he texted me at about 7 AM. His text said “So, you got a bf?” I was single at the time, so I answered honestly. “No, I don’t, do you?” I wasn’t into him, I was just curious.

He typed back “No, I’m single.” I felt really uncomfortable, so I just put my phone down, and went to my basement. The next day I was on my phone, watching YouTube, until I got a text from Devin. He again asked if I had a bf.

I texted back the same answer, and, already knowing his answer, left the conversation like that.

20 minutes later he texted me again. “Hey…can I ask you something.” He said. “Sure, anything” I answered. He took a second to type back. When he did answer, he said “Will you go out with me?” My stomach churned.

I hadn’t even known this kid for a week, and he was already asking me to be his girlfriend. Another red flag. I anxiously typed back “How could we date? We live in two different parts of the country.” He mentioned earlier that he lived in Alabama. I lived in Massachusetts.

He then almost immediately wrote back “We can skype and FaceTime.” I stopped texting for a minute, then he typed “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” This made me feel guilty, like I was breaking his heart.

I then did the stupidest thing ever… I said I wanted to go out with him.

I went to bed later that night, and when I woke up, my phone was beeping like crazy. I checked on and he had commented on one of my post’s, saying “Hottest one 😍”

Keep in mind I was only 12, so someone else saying I was “hot” made me extremely uncomfortable. I deleted the comment, thinking he would get the message.

He didn’t.

He kept doing stuff like this, all the time.

I blocked him on everything. When he relized that he couldn’t comment on my he made a video. The video of him was just him on his bed saying that he wanted everyone “To follow his girlfriend Mary on” This is where I drew the line.

I texted him that he needed to leave me alone, and that I wasn’t allowed to date. And just like that, he was gone.


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