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let me start by saying i have no clue what this thing was. im skeptical about every supernatural being and am a still not completely convinced that this was a skinwalker or fleshgait or whatever you wanna call it. anyway, We take a family trip to Arizona every year to stay with my uncle and just get away from city life. As a young kid I loved these trips but was always too scared to go outside with the adults at night. Well when I was 17 I thought I was invincible and the coolest mother fucker ever so I decided to steal one of my uncles cigarettes and go smoke outside one night. He lives in the middle of god knows where and you can always hear animals just out of sight of the porch lights. I love nature and sounds like bushes moving don’t really scare me bc it’s probably a rabbit or a bird or something, nothing to fear right? Well for whatever reason this night was different. It was dead silent, and I don’t mean normal nighttime silent I mean there wasn’t a single sound. in the silence i could smell something like if copper could bleed and rot. I stay outside in the overwhelming almost deafening silence for maybe ten minutes getting more and more sick to my stomach at this smell before I finally hear something, it sounded like the scratching of sand just out of sight and my heart dropped when I saw a cloud of dust come out of the darkness towards me. Now I wasn’t scared of the dust itself, its a pretty common thing in the dessert for people or cars to kick up dust but i was terrified of what was making it, I still don’t know of any animal that just kicks up dust for no discernible reason like that. I’m frozen at this point basically waiting for whatever my brain was imagining to come and end me but I snapped out of it when I heard this clicking sound. I ran inside and locked all the doors then jumped in bed and hid. i havent hid under covers like that since i was a toddler but as i hid i could hear scratching… I could hear something tapping and scratching the wall next me from the outside, not trying to get in but like whatever it was was curious. I dared not move and I felt like my body was on fire and frozen in ice at the same time. After the scratching stopped it was completely silent again, no sounds for maybe 5 min. I finally got the courage to move and the second my moving made the bed creak I heard the most terrifying sound of my life, it was a scream but it sounded like when cats or dogs “talk” in videos, but added some clicking and the wails of someone being murdered. The next day neither my uncle or anyone in town had anything to say and I still haven’t gotten any answers. if anyone knows anything please let me know.


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What the!! I don’t know what’s more terrifying, the dead silence slowly making way for clicking and scrapping or the fact it went silent after scratching your wall for so long, just waiting for you to move and the moment you did, it screamed. Screw that. I wouldn’t go back. No thank you! I can just imagine this creature sitting on the other side of your wall, waiting. What I want to know, how did it know what room you were in?


Unless you visited your uncle in a delicious sweet treat, the correct spelling is ‘Desert.’ Either way, that was an interesting story. It would be neat if any of the locals could provide some information on similar sightings or possible encounters in the area.