Deputy gets charged by dogman

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So here’s a little story about me. In high school I use to be a pretty attractive and fun person. I played football and was a wrestler. Before I graduated high school I thought my future was gonna go play football at the university of Ohio and then possibly the nfl. Well that all changed when my father passed away. After my fathers passing I’m not gonna lie I kinda gave up on life. Then one day about 6 months after I graduated high school I ran into one of my old football teammates who had joined the Marines and well we started talking and then later that week I contacted a recruiter.

Fast forward 8 years later I landed a job at the local sheriff department as a deputy in my home state. Well the first few months go by fast and I was living life like the time before I joined the Marines. Then one night I get a call about a missing person and decided to look into it. I drop by the house and this older woman walks out with a old double barreled shotgun next to her hips. And say with a rude southern style voice and sounding like she was a heavy smoker “about damn time y’all showed up my husband been gone for almost two days now” “sorry ma’am I got here as fast as I could” I said with a smiling and polite voice. She tells me her husband went out rabbit hunting the day before and she was getting worried about him and that it’s not like him to be gone this long with contacting her. Well I processed to get her info and his info and headed out to the location of his hunting area.

On my way to the area I contact fish and game and the station to see if they could send someone out to help me find this guy hopefully before night fall. Well they say okay they’ll have someone out there with me. By the time I get there a other deputy and a fish a game officer are there waiting for me next to the guys truck. I get out and I noticed i know both the officers. We talk for a few minutes about what we want to do and then we head out. Now this is where I loved using my military skills to the test. I was fallowing the guys tracks for about a half a mile we come to a opened field and then We came across a dead deer that clearly had been shot out of season.

“Poacher”….”dumbass is gonna get himself arrested after we find him”

The game warden says. I say yep then look at the deer closer and realized the deer has been ripped to shreds.


the other deputy says

“probably” the game warden says

“No coyotes don’t do this much damage in only a day” then I look over and see a big dog print next the deer. I don’t think anything of it other than his hunting dog. Boy was I wrong.

After leaving the deer we walk back into the woods and just a little down a hill I see something stick out laying up next to a tree . I take a closer look. “Well look it’s our guy” I smile and make my way up to the guy. I see he’s shaking and still has his gun in his hands so I calmly call out “sir we are here to help you” he turns slow still shaking and turns back around. I walk around the tree to look at him to see a horrible sight. The mans hunting dog had looked like it had been half eaten by something. “What did this” I ask “a wolf a very very big one” he says “sir wolves are not in Ohio” one of my partners say. Yea….yea your right” he says then stands up with he dog in his arms completely forgetting about his gun “let’s get out of here”

When we make it back to the trucks we call the EMTs to pick the guy up to be sure nothing was wrong with him. Me and my parents talk about what we think did that to his dog. Then we hear this blood curtailing howl. We draw our guns and get ready because the howl was only yards from us. And then we hear this thing come storming towards us then it stops. It becomes quite for a moment and then I realize no bugs no birds because it’s still pretty bright out then I hear this thing start to growl and it’s come much closer to us but all I can see in the woods are eye shine RED EYE SHINE. I start opening up my pistol on this thing because clearly this thing wasn’t animal or human and then my parents start shooting at it. We hear a big yelp and the a small growl and then it runs away. “We need to go after it” the game warden” screams “screw you man I’m not going after a thing that takes 40 rounds of 40 smith and Wesson” I yell back. we get into a bit then I say f’it I’m out and leave. And so did the other deputy but as for the game warden I haven’t seen him aging yet so i don’t know if he went after the thing we went shot that night or not.

I did one Tour over in Afghanistan in the Corps and I’ve seen things I don’t ever want to see and it takes a lot to scare me but whatever that thing was makes me want to quit my job and lock myself in my house for the rest of my life. After trying to figure out what I heard I have come to conclusion it might me a dogman or a Bigfoot that we ran into but it doesn’t matter anymore.

But it doesn’t matter because I love protecting and helping people out. It’s why I joined the military and the proceeded to join law enforcement and as long as someone is screaming for help you’ll see running to them no matter the danger.

Semper Fi. Oorah

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