Demons dybbuks and crazy cultists oh my

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Back in January I decided to become an ordained minister. I’m a Catholic Eastern Greek Catholic. That doesn’t mean I am Greek, that just means I go to an Eastern Greek Catholic Church.

When I got ordained, I thought Hey this would be a good learning experience for when I actually do become a priest. Anyways a few Months after I got everything I needed to really get my ministry going I Posted my ministry and what I do online. I can do most of the rights of a regular minister such as exorcisms, house blessings, weddings, baptisms Exedra.

A few weeks after I put my ministry up on Facebook I get a message from a couple Asking if I would Come to where they lived overnight and perform a house blessing/exorcism. I’d like to also state that an exorcism does not always have to involve someone who is possessed, it can involve a particular place or object. These people told me that they believe in the Devil, God, and such-and-such but they didn’t follow any organized religion. My ministry specializes in helping people who don’t have a faith or belief system to follow yet.

I told them That I don’t do exorcisms and house blessings on my own. The main 2 reasons for that is one For safety and 2 to prevent spiritual attacks. I asked them if it would be OK if I had 3 People come help out. They said yes and I got 3 of my friends who were devout to the Christian faith.

For the sake of my friends Privacy I’ll be giving them different names. My 2 friends James and Kyle were both Catholic; My other friend David was Eastern orthodox. The couple’s house was a little bit further from our local area, but we felt obligated to go. We packed up the RV and drove over to their house. When we got out of our camper, The couple was out on their front porch. They seemed really nice. perhaps a little too nice. I introduce myself as the head minister and my 3 other friends were my deacons. They came over to Introduce themselves as Benjamin and kathy. They came over to each one of us to shake our hands and as they did they stared at the crucifixes we wore around our necks. We all decided to Not think about that too much because we weren’t sure if they just thought they looked cool or pretty. Before we began the blessings, We all sat down for dinner. The food they prepared was great However before we all ate as it was a custom for me and my friends we all prayed before eating however kathy and ben didn’t join us in prayer; And when we offered them holy water to drink to begin the blessings they didn’t want to take it. Now my friends and I were a little creeped out but we just figured that our customs and our belief systems were a little bit strange to them.

When my friends and I began sprinkling holy water and holy oil at each and every entry point of the house, The couple decided to go into their room as we were Performing the blessing. We told them that they could be involved since they were the owners of their house. They said they were fine and went back to their room. Now you may have thought that after that we would have just left but we felt obligated to help these people with what we thought was a spiritual attack against them. After we were finished sprinkling holy water and holy oil at every entry point of the house, kathy and Ben Came out and we all decided it was time for us to get some sleep.

When we were heading back to the camper, they offered a guest room that we could all sleep in. I’ll admit their house was pretty nice and Again we wanted to do anything we could to help these people. So we thought about it for a second and then we decided to take their offer. They got 4 air mattresses set up for all of us and I will admit it was more comfortable Then all of us sleeping in an RV. The RV had one couch and 1 bed. the couch folded out into a bed so that meant 2 people would have to sleep on the hard floor.

Before we all went to bed, David, James, Kyle, and I took a look around our room. The room had one closet, a nice flat screen TV, and a couple of dressers So we could put our equipment somewhere. While we were taking a look around the room I took a look in the closet and was genuinely disturbed at what I saw. In that closet was an old ouija board but someone drew a perfect pentagram on all 4 of the corners There was also an upside donging on the wall, A small statue of satan or some sort of demon There was also a older looking Box or a small chest. Again I’m a devout Catholic so When I saw all of the disturbing satanic items I thought I was going to shit bricks. I took the box out of the closet told everyone else what was in there and they all thought what I was thinking. We were all in a house Owned by 2 possessed Devil worshipers.

My friend James took a closer look at the Box As I was holding it and he told me to “drop it now!”
I asked him “why what’s up?” And he said that it was a Dybbuk box. He told us that the Box was the dwelling place of a dybbuk. A very malicious spirit that likes to attack and torment the living. Before we all decided that it was time for us to leave, We could hear whispering coming from the Box. It said things like Get out Leave Go Get out. As we were About to pour holy water on that Box Kathy and Ben came in the room at that exact time.

When they came in, they stared at us; I don’t mean out of curiosity, it was a malicious stare. Before we decided to leave We wanted to confirm our suspicions about these 2. We all did a possession check. what that basically means is we tested to see if they were both possessed. David and I went over to Ben While Kyle and James went over to Kathy. We put holy water on our hands and we put crucifixes up to their foreheads. As we got the crosses closer to them they both screamed at us and Said “get those things away from us!”. Then we grabbed our things and ran out of that room and as we did Ben pulled out a knife and they were both chasing us. When we ran down the stairs we could hear frantic and heavy footsteps coming right after us. As we were running through the hallway where the stairs were to the living room, I could see a figure out of the corner of my eye and it Wasn’t a human, it was a black figure a shadowy figure. As I was Bolting over furniture towards the front door I felt a-sharp scratch down my back. I didn’t care Who or what did that The adrenaline in my body And the determination to get the hell out of there was enough to keep me going. David, James, Kyle, and I bolted out of the door and towards our RV.

When we got in the RV and started it up, I’m not kidding when I say that they were both banging on our windows and Ben was also waving his knife at us. As soon as I got the RV started I gave it as much gas as possible and we were out of that Hell on earth.

As soon as we all got back to where we live, we agreed That we are never doing that again: We aren’t taking any more requests that are out of our local area. I took down my ministry Facebook page And decided that I’m only answering to people that I give my business cards to. Now I Rarely answer to house blessing and exorcism requests. I don’t know whether that sick couple wanted to kill us Or if they wanted to sacrifice us; But I’m glad we didn’t stay to find out

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