Demonic Car Ride

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I was chilling with my friends one night. I will call them Amanda and Caleb for this story. We went riding and then started heading to my dad’s. During the ride to my dad’s Caleb had a very strange look in his eyes and they were pitch black.

He reached from the back seat and choked Amanda. She finally got him off. We made it to my dad’s knowing that something was off.

Caleb stayed in the back seat and Amanda and I got out and told my dad what had happened.

He talked to Caleb and assured us that everything would be okay. So we left my dad’s heading towards the interstate to take Amanda and Caleb home. Caleb still had that look and the pitch black eyes. I sat in the passenger seat and let Amanda drive my car. I was holding up a cross to protect myself from whatever had latched onto my friend. He rubbed the cross and hissed. Then as we were getting onto the entrance ramp he looked at me and said “that cross doesn’t affect me sms you’re going to die!” Amanda slammed on the brakes and Caleb asked what had happened.

I told him  and asked what the last thing he remembered was. He said that the last thing he remembered was us talking about a haunted ebridge somewhere. We raced back to my dad’s as the demon that was inside him before tried to go back in.

We made it back to my dad’s and he had to preform an exorcism on Caleb.


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