Demon Sighting

By Dimitri

I’ve always loved to explore abandoned houses and buildings, as of every trip i would find the usual stuff, broken furniture, shattered glass, and lots of other junk. And on a few occasions i would see a homeless man or a group of teens smoking or drinking.

On this particular day me and my Girlfriend, who we will call Vikki, set off to explore this abandoned building we had seen close to our house.

The Building appeared to be an old hospital or nursing home, based on the number of wheelchairs and medical gear thrown around the place. When we first entered the only thing that seemed off was that there was a very odd smell, not bad, just odd. Almost like burning hair and rotten meat. We ignored it thinking it was a dead animal or old/rotten wood.

As we continued the only thing we noticed is that as we kept going deeper into the building was that we would get closer to whatever the odd smell was. Then almost a full 30 min of walking through, we came to room 135. The door was demolished. I mean chunks were blown off, large gashes and weird satins all over it.

But it still managed to sit on the old rusted door hinges. I pushed it open with my foot and expected another crap filled empty room, but no. Instead i’m greeted with a goop filled room with what looked like animal carcasses all over the place. Me wanting to be a badass in front of my girl walked in with my shoulders high up. As i entered all was fine.

But when i turned to my left i saw what i only thought was a demon. A large Black and red figure crouching down clawing at a piece of wood.

A large black torso with strange shades of red all over it. The Legs and feet seemed to be too long for the body tipped off with black nails a thin neck supporting a long snouted head. Disgusting slime of a black colored goop from the nose and mouth with the small black eyes blinking rapidly.

Then to tip it all off two large Horns off each side of its head. I must have been at a stare down with this thing for a full minute before it very clammy said, “Nice night boy” in a voice that sounded like it was multiplied by 20 people and spoken by a deep voice of a man. I ran towards the door grabbed my girls hand and ran. The thing did not even follow us.

We sat in the car and drove for about 5 minutes before i stopped to puke. My Girlfriend asked me what i saw. Her not entering the room means she had not seen the Demon but only heard the voice.

I lied saying that i saw a homeless guy. Because what would i tell this girl i saw a demon, hell no. But to this day it haunts me the voice still comes to me everyday and i still wonder why did it so clammy talk to me?

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