demon inside our cottage

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l was sleeping on sofa in my father’s four roomed cottage one night somewhere in was during the time l paid him a visit and l was around was dark and there was no electricity.l was quite scared because of the darkness and my previous experience in the house and knowing that l was so sensitive to spiritual things as well.
So it got to be quiet and people from other rooms were deep in their sleep but l wasn’t when l heard a loud bang on the dining door , like some stone hit it . l got really scared even more . Few minutes later footsteps protruded from the door with a scratchy sound ,they walked towards the opposites sofa from the one l was lying on and stopped there . It felt like they were standing right behind the opposite sofa and l looked up in darkness to see a shadow,that’s when l started praying – casting the spooky spirit out in Jesus’s name. l felt it gone . l was deeply terrified but because of my experience with dark spirits l managed to do the usual expelling prayer. After that l slept peacefully with my phone torch on.
It was my third encounter with this spooky dark spirit . My cousin brother reported to have felt this demon when we discussed it..
The prior encounter was the most scary one l ever encountered . It was during that time l was staying there and had a room of my own. I would sleep alone at the age of 17.One night around 3am if not 4 am l experienced a terrifying moment the unfortunate part l am one person who is so attentive even if l am asleep . So l opened my eyes with my torch glowing pale on the table next to my bed,which was also close to the bedroom door. That’s when l heard a loud bang on the dining door like that of a stone hitting the door.
After a while l felt the door open and l looked to behold a large black ugly long and thick shadow entering yet the door was locked . It started approaching the door to my bedroom with loud steps.The most terrifying thing was that l was seeing through a closed door.It was like my door had become transparent to show me what was happening in the dining room. I started to tremble with fear and looked for strength to battle spiritually with this demon like figure as it was approaching my door. I saw it getting hold of my door handle and l knew its time to wrestle , the fortunate part is – before it entered my grandma from the other room opened her door and walked out to go to the toilet and she was talking to herself that’s when the demon vanished..l didn’t tell anyone because l knew nobody would believe me.
Some history says the house was built on top of a dark traditional healer ground where he buried his crafts since he stayed there before according to my grandma . Maybe the demons he worked with still posess the place that’s why. But the bangs on the door l would hear them sometimes every night and heaviness in the house at night.
From T.M

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