Demon encounter in New Caledonia

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I am a 22 years old French-Canadian female from Quebec City and last year, I experimented something out of the ordinary. I was studying in Tahiti, French Polynesia, for about three months when I decided to take part in a two weeks field trip to New Caledonia, organized by my host university. Before joining the trip, I had little knowledge of New Caledonia and the culture of the people who lived there. Many of my Tahitian friends were somehow a little uncomfortable with staying on Kanak’s lands due to former tribal rivalries and magic practice, but I didn’t think much of it, because, as I said, I knew little about the Kanak native culture at the time, and I just thought they were only anxious about leaving the island for the first time.

The first week of the trip was amazing. We had so much fun discovering Noumea during the day and partying at night. Then, for the second week, we left the capital to travel to the center of the island, where we would stay a couple of days in the mountains, in a nice camp. I shared a room with my colleague Kat from Quebec, who was part of the exchange program in Tahiti like me and entered the trip too. One night, as our group was heading back to the camp from the restaurant where we enjoyed a nice meal, I got blown away by the stars in the sky. I had never seen so many in my life. They were so shiny and sparkling, I stop walking to look at them and this is when I felt something weird on my left barefoot.

It was a sensation I had never felt before. As if something was caressing my foot with a million little needles. Then, I felt a strong sting, followed by an intense rising pain on the top of my foot. I immediately let out a huge scream of pain and tears rushed to my eyes. It was so bad. My Tahitian friend Howell ran to me and carried me to the camp, where the light showed my foot who was already swirling like crazy. My teachers ran to me, wondering what happened and when they saw my foot, and what looked like a centipede bite, one of them started sucking the venom out of the womb. I couldn’t stop crying. I was in so much pain and I was pissed that I didn’t get the chance to see the thing that had bitten me. South sea centipedes are poisonous, but they won’t kill you, they just hurt like crazy. Another Tahitian friend of mine, Vai, came and pored a Chinese remedy on it and I felt the pain dim down a little. There was nothing more we could do that night about this incident, so I went to sleep, hoping that the day after, I would be feeling better. Kat was already sleeping when I got to bed. I managed to climb onto my bunked bed and fell asleep immediately.

It wasn’t long that I was awoken but an uneasy feeling. I opened my eyes and saw an imposing dark figure in the right corner of the room. It was standing in the dark, just before the door. Fear invaded my body. I tried to scream to wake up Kat, but only a little squeaking noise from my part could be heard. I was totally aware of my surrendering and I could see her sleeping in her bed, unaware of the situation. I couldn’t move at all. I was paralyzed. My attention was turned towards those two red eyes that shone in the corner of the room. I couldn’t see its face, but this thing, this creature, certainly was not human. I remember that its arms were so long that it could touch me without even having to move closer to my bed and leave the dark corner of the room.

It kept caressing me with his long claws that hung at the end of his large fingers. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks and the panic that was confusing my mind. It caressed me like that from head to toes for what seems like an eternity. Then, as it was getting more violent with its touch and approaching furthermore my bed, my Tahitian friend Vai entered the room, unexpected. It vanished immediately. And I sort of woke up, panicking. She was only checking on me and my foot. She gave me too Tylenol to dim down my fever and the pain. Of course, I tried to tell her that I saw a monster in the corner of my room, and of course, she did not believe me and laugh it off, because, as she was saying, I was being delirious from the poisonous bite. But it felt so real. No need to say that I didn’t sleep well that night.

I have never seen this entity again, but I still think of it quite often and I really wonder what was this supernatural creature that I saw that night in New Caledonia. I never suffered from night terrors, or sleep paralysis before and this is why I keep thinking that I encountered a creepy entity that night, and for some reason, it is linked to this centipede bite. I have been doing some research on the signification of centipedes in the Kanak culture, as well as the Tahitian culture, but nothing matches the description of the event of that night. Since this encounter, I’ve been calling centipedes “demon creatures” and, till this day, I have never walked barefoot on grass again.

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Hi. Really cool story, though an unfortunate situation. It sounds like sleep paralysis to me. Apparently, people often see dark figures like this when experiencing sleep paralysis, which can be led on by stress or abnormal situations and/or lack of sleep. I have experienced SP before, and it was a little unnerving and confusing because I didn’t know why I couldn’t move or speak (only a weak mumbling moan), but I don’t recall seeing anything abnormal… But not everyone does. Perhaps this will ease your mind a bit.