Dead Tony: The eye collector

On November sixth,2014, I moved into a new apartment with my daughter Melissa. She was seven years old. Everything was going well, we had a pretty house. The house was near a forest,it was supposed to help Melissa with her asthma.

One day she went out to play with her friends,and she hasn’t returned in along time. I wadbat home playing with my dog Emily, it was already 9pm, and Melissa still didn’t return home. I was worried something might have happened to her, so I wore my coat, took a flashlight and went out to look for Melissa.

After a while I finally found Melissa. She was sitting on a bench, cavering her eyes and crying “What’s wrong?!” I asked her. She hugged me tightly and began to explain. “I’m sorry dad, all this time you warned me not talk to strangers, and I didn’t listen.” She said.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“When my friends went home I continued to play in the playground. And when it started getting darks, a boy with a red hoodie walked towards me, he had red eyes and he was crying. At first I thought he was nice, so I offered him some of my orange juice. He started asking me questions and…”

“What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing happened but when his questions started to become scary, I started crying, He didn,t like that and told me to stop crying. I couldn’t stop crying so he threatened to gouge my eyes out. I started running away and i slipped , and then he disappeared.”

When we wentt back home I tucked her to bed and sat my computer. I won’t call the police yet’ i thought to myself . I have to relax. But suddenly i saw something that ran shivers down my spine. On the desktop of my computer a new file appeared called “Dead Tony” , it was a photo . I opened the photo and realised the picture was taken from my computer’s webcam! In the picture there wad a boy , and he had red or black eyes , ad if he don’t have eyes at all. There was something laying on the couch in the back, it was probably Emily. The picture was taken 20 minutes ago, probably when I went out to look for melissa.

At first i panicked but then my panick was replaced by anger. This kid didn’t just mate Melissa cry, he also broke into my house and took a picture of himself. I started looking around the house , but there was no memory left from the kid. He probably wan outside, so I went outside to look for him.

I didn’t have to look for along time to find something that was about 30 meters away from the playground. It was a boy that looked around 13 years old with a weird haircut. I walked towards him, but when I was about to call the police , I noticed he was extremely pale, and had red eyes , just like Melissa described him. He had a jar filled with red balls in one hand and a swiss army knife in the other. On second glass , they aren’t red balls but human eyes!

Suddenly , he looked at me and asked , “Sir, is there something wrong, that you’re staring at me like that?.”

“You son of a bitch , I’ll beat you up!”. I told him i wanted to jump on him but he was quicker than me , and he stabbed me in the hand. Then quickly pulled out the knife and stabbed me again in the stomach. I feel to the ground and he gouged my eye out with hisb hand and said “Don’t cry, everything’s gonna be fine , I’ll callban ambulance . Do you unerstand why I onlu gouged out one eye? So you’ll be able to see the surprise waiting for you at home. By the way, my name it Tony, Dead Tony.” he placed my eye in his jar , called an ambulance and ran away.

I couldn’t move because of the pain. Eventually I lost consciousness.

I woke up in a hospital, and I’ve been told someone murdered Melissa . I immediately knew who it was, and I wanted to kill him. If you have any information send it tome , because I have no information on Tony expect for this photo

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