dead children make demons haunt me

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This is a short story but it horrifies me to this day. Im 13 now this happened when I was 7.

Its was a school night and noting paranormal has ever happened in my house. It was about 3:00 am and I woke up for no known reason so I turned over to fall back asleep whe  i noticed my door was opened I saw a girl in a red dress and a small boy with fottie pajamas,  at first I thought it was my brother and sister then i realized i couldnt see there faces even with my nightlight I wanted to yell out for my mom but I couldn’t and even though i was scared I had a strange feeling of being safe but couldnt speak.

Then the girl walked down the hall to my sisters room. the boy stood there and waved bye then followed the girl, after about 20 minutes of not moving i whispered to my brother until he woke up and I said to shut the door so he did and went back to sleep and i was still unable to sleep then the sun started to rise and my alarm went off waking up my brother so thats when i pretend i just woke up to, and nothing has happened since then similar to that.

But ever since that day no matter where i am i cant have the lights.

If they are off i feel im being watched and see figures from the corner of my eye. My mom says its just from watching to many horror movies but none of these figures resemble anything ive ever seen.

It doesn’t matter if im home or not at friends houses and relatives it always the same if im walking home i have to walk on the curb where the street lights are or ill see the figures.

– I hope people belive me it sounds crazy but its real and its getting worse

you dont need to credit me i just want my story to get out there

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