My Dead Best Friend

By Jake

Let me start off by saying that this isn’t my story. This is my husbands story. I will call him Jake. These are true events taken from him and his mother.

The story starts in 1996. At the time my husband would have been around 5. He lived with his mother and grandmother in a small rural town. His mother, who worked at the local gas station at the time, was friends with this woman I will call Stacey. My husbands mother, I will call Pam.

Stacey and Jake’s mother hit it off instantly. They were the same age, they worked together, they had everything in common, and they both only had one child. Stacey had a son, who I will call, Chris.

Chris and Jake also became best friends. Their moms would take them on play dates, and sleepovers all the time, because both mothers were single and still living with their parents.

Jake and Chris were even chicken pox buddies, as Jake caught it simultaneously from Chris. They attended school together, and they even went to Cub Scots together.

When the boys were around 7 years old, Jake and his mother moved from her mothers house into a town about an hour away. So after that, Jake and Chris didn’t see very much of each other.

In fact, the last time they saw each other was for Jake’s 7th birthday party. Not long after his birthday, is when tragedy struck.

Chris and his mother Stacey still lived with her parents, and one day while Stacey was at work, his grandfather was watching him after school.

They were in the garage, his grandfather fixing up his collectible car. Chris’ grandfather ran into the house real quick to see if he could find his wrench, and left Chris alone in the garage for only what seemed like a minute.

When they grandfather came back to the garage, he found Chris under some large metal poles that were in the corner of the garage. I don’t know much past this, only that he was playing too close to the pipes and they fell on top of him.

The grandfather called 911, but he was pronounced dead when the ambulance arrived. But that’s not where the story ends.

Pam decided to take Jake to Chris’ visitation, to help him process the death. My husband says he was too young to remember much. All he really can remember is the funeral home, the flowers, and the sadness.

Not long after the visitation, Pam noticed that Jake had an imaginary friend, whom he named “Chris.” His mother didn’t think much of it. She asked other parents about it, and they all said it was just children processing death, completely normal.

Well time went on, and his imaginary friend didn’t go away. They eventually moved back in with Pam’s mother, because Pam was going through a divorce.

Things calmed down, and half a year passed. However, the imaginary friend named Chris, was still there.

One day around Christmas, Pam and her mother took Jake to Walmart to look for lights and decorations for their yearly tree. They made a short stop down the toy isle, and of course Jake went crazy, like all 7 year old kids do when they go down the toy isle.

As they traveled down the toy express, Jake noticed a plastic electric guitar that would play songs with a push of the button. He asked his mom if she would pick it up, so he could play with it.

Pam, of course, being 5’2 could not reach the toy because it was on a high shelf. So Pam and her mother looked around the corner for a Walmart associate.

Jake said while they were searching around the corner

“It’s ok, Chris said he would play it for me.”

Pam and her mother rolled her eyes, as they walked on to find a sales associate, when suddenly…

The guitar lit up from the high shelf and started playing the long exaggerated guitar rhythms.

Pam and her mother stared at Jake in disbelief, because there was no way in hell he could have reached it, let alone them. They paused for a brief moment, and the guitar fell from the shelf onto the floor.

Jake looked at them grinning, ” I told you Chris could do it. He can do anything now!”

Pam and her mother, extremely startled, left the isle, still in disbelief of what they had seen.

To this day, my husband only remembers bits and pieces of this. And has absolutely no recollection of the incident at the store.

Jake’s mother recently told me this story. She also told me that she spoke to Chris’ mother, Stacey, not but 5 years ago. And Stacey had been experiencing the same type of events. She said that Chris never left.

Stacey gave birth to a daughter in 2002, and her young daughter started experiencing the same things. An imaginary friend named Chris, who was her brother.

I sometimes wonder if that’s all possible, see I am a big time skeptic of ghosts. Especially the ghosts of children, because I was born and raised Baptist.

My husband believes it without a doubt, because he remembers his imaginary friend, who wasn’t so imaginary.

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