Dead Babysitter

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I am currently a 16 year old female living in Texas.

I don’t know if this counts as a childhood experience, but considering I’m a minor I will go ahead and submit this experience I had. Just about a week or so ago my dad had left my 6 year old sister at home with me while my step mom was at work and my dad and my other little sister were off doing stuff.

My sister hit her “terrible 2’s” at the age 5 and she’s still kind of a handful, so she constantly gives me angry looks and tells me Sue’ mad because I won’t do this or that for her, you know. Being a typical todler.

Well she was behaving all day for me so I had decided to make her ice cream and since my sister’s love sprinkles and my dad practically spoils us and gets us what we want, we have tons of different colored and shape assorted sprinkles, so I had let my sister decorate her ice cream.

While I went to put the ice cream up my sister stopped and looked into the living room, which the lights were off and its connected to the kitchen, she then suddenly started calling out for my dad.

Confused, and seeing the dark figured that she saw too, I kind of had a gut feeling when I didn’t hear my second sister nor did he call back to her, nor did I hear them come in. I quickly grabbed my sister by the hand and dragged her where ever I went.

I then grabbed a broom and I went into the livingroom, I had told my sister to stay behind me and I opened the front door to see the cars gone. I then went and glanced into each room to see if anyone was home. I didn’t see anyone. Frightened still,

I pulled us to my room and shut and locked the door behind us. I heard voices, so to be cautious I looked out the window in my room, still no cars.

I then texted my dad explaining the whole situation. He then came home and checked the house, still, no one. He and my step mom then were going out for the night so I babysat more except this time both of my sisters.

I locked all the doors and had all my dogs inside, which were 4 pitbulls and 1 yorkie, which at the time all were in the backyard which didn’t help with intruders considering they’re in the backyard and the intruder in inside.

But anyways, I didn’t experience anything else for the rest of the night nor have I experienced anything since then. But the same question runs through my mind over and over if it was a ghost or if someone actually was inside. We don’t know, we still don’t, but I don’t ever want to find out.

And if anything I hope it never happens again because if anything happens to my little sister I swear.


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