The day I faced a demon and my dead grandpa

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I was 8 when I experienced this so I was at my grandpa’s house once he died ever since I moved there after my grandpa died so I was sleeping when I heard a scratch in the creepy basement so I obviously got up and I saw a shadow and it said to me get out!!!

Like it wanted me dead once I got In or something like that.

And my mom that lived with me. Got up to down stairs and said go to bed so I slept on the couch and this time I heard lots of whispers. and I was scared and fainted to sleep and I woke up and I looked up the history of the house and I found something so scary and this gave chill’s up my spine. I realised there was a demon and my grandpa fighting each other and ever since I’d experienced this I moved out of Marion OH. and I was relieved and now I moved to Columbus OH.

I have seen my grandpa’s ghost on occasions I hope you all don’t live in a really demonic house if you do get the hell out of there and move immediately.

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