Darkness at the concert

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(Forward) this part isn’t part of the story, i submitted this story yesterday but accidentally left out a very important detail. In this version that is fixed so if you decide to use it in a video use this version. Now onto the actual story

I AM NOT RACIST. I know that is an odd way to begin a story but i swear it’s true, i feel like i have to say that after what happened. Oh yea, and this narrative is a little. Graphic. It all happened at a concert. The concert was being held to celebrate a new museum that celebrates black history. I was thinking, “wow dude that’s pretty friggin cool” then i looked at the list of artists. Now i live in a small tow that borders a larger, still smallish town. This larger town is Montgomery Alabama, where Martin Luther king jr. did all those marches and protests, like the famous bus boycott. Back to the list of performers, the bigger names were Usher, Dave Matthews, and the roots from the tonight show. Stevie wonder even showed up as a surprise guest at the end which was neat from what my friend had told me.

We had never had this many famous people in my town at the same time… ever. So i was absolutely going. We got to the grassy, outdoor amphitheater right as the sun was going down and set up our chairs. Nice spot, right in the front the chair area that was right behind the standing area. And hourish later some AMAZING gospel singers started singing and the show was on. The first few performances were great. And in between each one they played a short video about the dark history of slavery and a practice called, razing i think? I wasn’t really paying attention to those, growing up near where so much of the civil right movement took place you end up hearing most of this stuff 100 times over.

Right before the roots start up there act, the video preceding it starts talking about how there is a memorial to these razing victims in the new museum. Just to clear things up, razing was a practice where people would single out African Americans and torture or even kill them just for being black. And right then is when something catches my eye. It’s a picture of an old white man, probably in his mid 50s, identifying him as a prominent attacker and razer of African Americans a long time ago, along with a few other dudes. I recognized this man. There was a large picture of him in my grandma’s house and when i had asked before she identified him as her grandfather. I had no idea i actually had racist ancestry but there was no denying it.

I quickly looked down at the ground in shock then slowly back up to the stage. As my eyes crept up to the stage i notice a man, whose body and head were looking straight at me, his eyes were almost impossibly wide and the whites contrasted heavily with his dark skin. He was wearing what what i assumed at first to be a cosplay of an oppressed black man from the 30s but after a second of him staring at me my mind started drifting to darker places. Did i mention that there wasn’t a single light on him and i could see him just fine? He wasn’t glowing but i could just… see him. The crowd had seemed to unknowingly parted to give me a direct line of sight to this man.

I looked over to my friend who had been sitting next to me this whole time and nudged him so he could see the creepy guy but he just kept on looking forward and smiling like i wasn’t even there, i then looked forward to notice that the roots had begun playing, but i couldn’t hear them, all i could hear was a high pitch static sound. I also notice that the man from before was half the distance he was before, and now had another African American friend with him dressed in similar clothes. Both staring wide eyed at me.

This actually made me jump so hard i fell backwards in my fold up camping chair. Before i could even get up i heard a deep ghastly voice say, “i didn’t even do nuffin to all y’all folk”, then another voice say “yous dun hurt us for no reason”. I didn’t even worry about to setting up my chair, i was immediately back on my feet and face to face with three disfigured African Americans. If you have a weak stomach this is where you should cover your ears. The man to my left had strips and chunks of skin hanging bloody off of his face, i could even see a little white that i assumed was bone. The man in the middle… had half of his face charred off. On the other half had bubbles and bloody boils all over it. His body and clothes were also badly burned. On my left was a woman, with an obviously broken neck. There was a noose around her neck that had a long rope that coiled up neatly at her feet. Her broken spine was pushing against the skin of her neck not quite able to escape, not for lack of trying though.

I was frozen in place, not ever having experienced something this evil in my entire life i was almost unaware that i was still at a concert. Then the woman on the left wheezed out the word, “wwhhhyyyyyyyy” that was it. I turned and bolted. I still couldn’t hear the rest of the concert sounds, and no one around seemed to notice me or the three, people, that had confronted me. As i sprinted past the oblivious concert goers. Something on the rooftops of the buildings behind the amphitheater caught my gaze. It was more of them. Hundreds. A thousand? WHAT HAD MY GRANDFATHER DONE!?

I saw a porta potty and locked myself in it. I could immediately she shadows surround the outside of the thin walls. They didn’t push, they didn’t scratch they stood there. I began to cry. Ive never felt so defenseless in my entire life.

Thirty seconds later i hear a loud knock. “Hey anybody in there?” After the shock wore off i shakily answered, “uh, yea”. The man side said my name followed by an “is that you?” I suddenly realized it was my friend that i had come with and walked out to greet him trying not to show how shaken up i was. He said that the concert had been over for thirty mins and he had been looking for me. He continued on that he hadn’t seen me at all for the last hour and a half of the concert. I had been in there for TWO HOURS? I only remembered less than a minute! He saw the surprised on my face and ask where i had been with a quizzical look. I just said i had moved up into the standing section and got stuck on the toilet after our earlier meal had not agreed with me. I don’t think he bought it but he didn’t push any further.

I haven’t seen those people again and i can only guess that they were tortured souls. I feel terrible for them. And terrified of them. And Especially after seeing what some African Americans have been through, i and confidently say, without and shred of doubt, and with every fiber of my being,

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