Dark Rosè

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I was standing next to my little sister as she blew out the candles. ” Happy birthday Sally !” I sang as the little birthday girl giggled. Today was my little sister’s birthday , and she was turning seven.

Walking in the kitchen was our mother , and she was carrying a present that was the same height as her. ” What is that mommy ?” Asked Sally but the middle aged woman only smiled and said “Well open it and see my dear.”

The seven year old wasted no time opening her present and soon enough it was opened. There standing in it was a my size doll that looked so real. ” Wow is that mine mommy !” Asked Sally when the woman nodded her head the little girl’s smile got even bigger.

After I got done washing the dishes I decided to head to my room and read. While walking I saw my sister standing playing with her new doll. When she saw me in the hallway she waved me over.

” What is it Sally ?” The little girl pointed at the doll and said ” Feel her August she feels so real.” Confident I put my pale hand on the doll’s brown face. ‘ Wow this doll feels so real it’s creepy.’ Taking away my hand I began to examen the doll.

The doll had light brown skin with black shoulder​ length hair. Her eyes were brown and she was wearing a black dress with red roses on it . ” So what did you name her ?” I ask facing my little sister and she smiled . ” Her name is Rosè .” looking back at doll I can see why she named it that. Saying good night I went to my room and read my favorite book . Little did I know a certain doll was watching my every move.

The next morning, my mother and I were cleaning up the kitchen when a certain question came to my head. ” Hey Mom can I ask you something ?” The blonde lifted her head and nodded. ” Where did you get that doll from yesterday?” My mother turned to wash the remaining dishes and replied. ” I got it from an old friend of mine why ?”

” No reason just wondering where did you find a doll so creepy is all.” Grinning the older woman only shook her head and continue to wash the dishes.

When I got home from school , I decided to head up to my room and do some of my homework. When I arrived to my room I was greeted with a awful sight. My walls looked like someone took a red marker and made sloppy little flowers on them. Angry I know exactly who did this .

I opened her door to find her doing the creepy doll’s make up. She smiled at me but soon it disappeared when she saw my glare. ” What is wrong sister ?” she asked so innocently . Walking closer to her I calming asked her . ” Why did you draw flowers on my walls?” Tilting her head she looked at the doll then back at me . ” I didn’t do that .” She said continuing to do the doll’s make up. I breathed threw my nose then let it out . ” Then who did it then if it was not you?” I asked and her next reply sent me to the edge. ” It was Rosè , she did it because she likes you.” Quickly I grabbed her arm tightly and dragged her out of the room.

She tried to get out of my grip , but I did not let go. ” If you don’t want to tell me the truth you can tell Mom then.”
After I said that Sally started to struggle even more but I was stronger. Finally we made it to our mother who was in the living room watching a movie. When she saw us she paused it. ” What do you two want?” She asked looking at us confused. ” Sally took a red marker and drew flowers on my walls.” After I finished talking our mother looked at Sally beside me. ” Sally dear, why did you draw on your sister’s walls with a marker ?” Shaking her head the little girl was still sticking to her same story.

” It wasn’t me mommy it was Rosè.” Sighing our mother continued to scold her youngest daughter. ” Now Sally you know lying is bad. I am going to ask that you go to bed without dinner tonight.” The little girl started tearing up and broke from my grip. We both watched as she ran up the stairs crying.

It was 8:30 , so I decided to get ready for bed. As I was putting my hair in a ponytail , I heard my sister talking . ‘ Who is she talking to ?’ I thought . I opened her door only to find her talking to that doll. ” What in the world are you doing ?” I asked. The seven year old only shook her head and said ” I told Rosè what you did and she is not happy.” Crossing my arms I laughed. ” Oh yeah like the freak of nature is going to do something.” After I said that Sally and I began throwing insults at each other. ” You know both of you have something in common . You both are stupid and freaky look.” Sally started to cry and screamed for me to get out and I did.

Waking up in my bed the next day, I saw that there where scratch marks on my arms with a frowning face drawn on the back of my hand. Frustrated I got up and looked for a certain pest. Sally was sitting at the kitchen table eating her breakfast until she felt a hard slap on her cheek. Looking up she saw her older sister glaring at her. ” What was that for ?” Asked Sally but I slapped her one more time before answering. ” That was for scratching and drawing on me last night. ” ,Sally wiped her tears before replying, ” It wasn’t me , it was Rosè.” Angry I let out a frustrated sigh and glared at her. ” I swear I hate you sometimes.” Sally glared back and said ” Your gonna regret saying that. She is watching​ us you know.” What she said kinda scared me little . I August a fifteen Year old was scared of what a seven year said me. I watched her walk upstairs​ to her room and closed the door.

It was a Saturday night and I was home alone. My mother was working late and the little pest was at a sleepover . ‘ Finally I get some time to my self.’ I thought relaxing on my bed I began to think about the doll. ‘ Something isn’t right with that thing .’ Hopefully she will get tire of it like she did with the others.

I flinched as a loud crash was heard from downstairs​. Sitting up from my bed I went to go check it out. Tiptoeing downstairs I turned on the kitchen light only to find a glass on the tile floor broken. Carefully I picked up the shards and put them in the trash. Looking at the counter I noticed some knives where missing. ‘ Maybe mother misplaced them or something.’ Turning my back to the counter I got the feeling of being watched ,But I shrugged it off. Heading towards the kitchen door something in the corner caught my eye.

Looking back I saw my little sister’s doll standing next to the dining table. ‘ Oh great .’ I thought as the doll was smiling and staring at me. Walking up to the doll I decided to put it back in Sally’s room. Reaching out my hand to grab it , but instead I watched in horror as the doll’s face change to a glare and tried to bite me. Scared I stumble back against the kitchen wall as the life size doll came to life and glared at me. ” What’s the matter ?” She said grinning at me . I could not believe it , this thing was alive the whole time. Trying to be tough I asked the doll ” What do you want? ”

The doll stared at me until I realized she had something behind her back. Pulling out two knives that belongs on the counter. She pointed one at me and simply said ” I want you love” and threw one of the knives at my head missing by an inch.

Scared I screamed and dashed out of the kitchen with the doll laughing following behind me. Once I made it to the stairs I felt something grabbed on to my leg and felt a sharp pain on my calf . I looked into the crazed eyes of the doll and kick her with all my might . She let go and fell down the stairs while I quickly got up and limped to the first room I saw. Limping in and locking the door I saw the room had a window . Looking at the window I noticed it was the type that does not open. ‘ Well of course it is Sally’s room after all.’ Then suddenly loud footsteps were heard coming up the stairs.

Quickly I got in Sally’s closet and closed the door . Dump Dump Dump my heart was beating so hard I could hear it. Sweat began forming on my forehead as I heard the doll talking and getting closer. ” Well look at this it seems the victim left me a little blood trail.” I heard the door Knob jiggle as she tried to open it. ” Hum it is locked oh well.” I sighed as I heard her footsteps going away from the door.
‘ Maybe this is my chance to escape.’ As I was going to open the closet door I flinched as the bedroom door burst open with force. My heart started to beat like crazy as her footsteps came closer to the closet.

Then suddenly the closet door swung open and on the other side was the crazy doll standing there grinning. ” I found you love !” She shouted and grabbed my ponytail and pulled me out of the closet. Struggling we both fell to the floor and started wrestling . I started slapping her as she grabbed me by my throat . I noticed the doll’s eyes change to a crimison red. I watched as she lifted the knife in the air and watched in slow motion as it came towards my chest . I felt extreme pain and the last thing I saw was the doll smiling at me before I gave into the darkness.

Lilly finally got off from work. It was 10:30 pm and she was planning to go to sleep. Walking in her house saw the lights were still on . ” August I’m home .” Said Lilly but she was met with silence. ‘ Strange usually she answers me back.’ The woman thought before walking towards the stairs . Lilly started to get worried as she saw a blood trail leading up the stairs. ” August !” Shouted Lilly as she followed the blood trail to Sally’s room. Lilly opened the door and saw the most terrifying scene ever . Before her was her daughter hanging from the ceiling fan with stab wounds all over her body and her eyes where missing. The poor woman called the police but they found nothing . While a certain doll was watching the whole event laughing. you Can’t spell Slaughter without Laughter.

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