Curiosity (ALMOST) Killed The Cat

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Just a bit of a background, I’m a female and live in a small town in the state Georgia of about 30,000 people. Crime isn’t to bad for the area that I live in which is why I’m still shook that this even happened. I live a mile away from my high school, so when my mom had to borrow my car that day I really didn’t mind the walk home. There’s a back road that runs along the back of houses and a train track.

It’s a dirt road that leads about half a mile, and all the way back to the main road where my house was.

Then, I can cross the road and to my house. I take this route because there’s hardly any cars that take that road, so it’s quite… so I thought.

This event happened in November of this year. I was walking home, it was a warm day, and I was jamming to some music and what not for majority of the walk.

About 15 or 20 minutes into the walk, I had to walk over the train tracks and onto the dirt road. Not even 5 minutes into my walk, I see a car with it’s emergency lights blinking and all of the car doors open on the side of the dirt road. It was old, brown, beat up Lincoln. I slowed down my pace and examined the situation more carefully. I thought it to be unusual, because stuff like this never happened on my walks before.

“Okay, maybe they have a flat tire. Maybe someone got car sick.” I thought. But, something told me to not take another step forward. That’s when I realized something was off. If someone was in trouble or needed help, then why would someone pull over and try to get help on a desolate, empty road?

Of course being the curious (and slightly nosy) person I am, I decided to hide in the shrubbery and bamboo trees to find out. I got close to the car as I can without making a sound. I waited to see what was going to happen while keeping a safe distance. No flat tire, no blood, no vomit, no corpse, or anyone in sight in fact. I got bored and wanted to go home. I was going to just make a run for home base, when two men came out behind some trees. Both looked like absolute white trash. One was big and about 6 ft tall, and the other was lean, starving-looking, and looked like he was on drugs who came to about 5’10”.

“You see that little girl anywhere, man?” said one of them.

“Nah. That’s too bad. Better luck next time. She’s a fine thing, that one.” said the other.

They laughed and talked, and the second guy said, “Wait here for a few?”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” said the first

“Alright I’m noping out of here!” I said to myself. The way they said “little girl” made me gag. I had a good 18 ft head start and I could make it to the woods, to someone’s back yard, and onto the main road in 2 minutes tops.

I’m 5’4” and roughly 165 lbs, and I don’t get scared easily.

I could get away with roughing up the hungry-looking one, but I was outnumbered. That’s when I just booked it out of there. I think this was the fastest I ever ran in my life while also having my book-bag on me. It felt like a boulder strapped on my back and it was lowing me down some, but the thought of being kidnapped and never seen or heard from again kept me going.

I could hear their footsteps running behind me from the underbrush, and they were getting closer by the second. I could hear and see cars, and I knew it’ll be seconds until I get to the road.

When I got to the road, I didn’t even look back to check if they were behind me. I just kept running until I was home safe. Thankfully, I did get home without anyone following me (I hope).

I think that was about the longest two minutes of running in my life. I could hardly breathe, and I was drenched in sweat. I locked all of the doors and windows, and I sat in my living-room trying to let what happened settle in. Needless to say I took a very long much needed shower and a nap that day.

So when ever I see an abandoned car pulled over to the side of the road, you bet I’m steering clear and getting away as far as possible. I have no idea what those two guys wanted with me, but I really don’t want to know. In speaking of; to the two creepy, ratchet, redneck abductors… you better pray I’m not carrying something to protect me next time I see you two.



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