Cryptid on Our Paper Route

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This story is short, but it is true.

This story takes place in Washington State in the city of Vancouver.

In 2004 I was a freshman in high school. At the time my Mother had a paper route for “The Columbian” newspaper. It was a long route that had us going to upper-class neighborhoods as well as more rural areas in the outskirts of the city. It took from 3am to around 5pm to complete.

The night began like any other. We loaded the papers into the van and headed out. The way the route was planned, we would start with the inner city and work out way out.

We were getting to the section of the route that made my Mother the most nervous. You guessed it, it was a dirt road with a dense forest on either side. And the only lights were the ones coming from our van. We had to drive slow due the dirt having been turned to mud from the rain, when suddenly an animal hopped out in front of us.

I grew up in Northern California and have seen coyote, bears, deer, fox and mountain lions. But this was weird. The only way I can describe it was a sick, or mutated, kangaroo. It’s head and snout were short like a hyena. The body was thin with dark, rough skin and tufts of grey-ish hair in random places. It had longer back legs than it’s front legs and it’s spine was protruding unnaturally. It had large teeth and dog-like paws with long fingers and toes.

This thing hopped in front of our van, stopped and looked right at my Mother. It got low to the ground for a moment and then bounced away on it’s back legs.

I remember my Mother just sitting there not being able to speak for a moment. Then she turned to me and asked if I had seen that. To which I said I had. We went on with the route not saying much else. I don’t think she was scared, just in awe. She thinks we saw a Chupacabra, but I’m not totally sure what it was. All I can say it that I’m glad we were in the car.

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