Crying Lady

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This is not my own story this is my fathers story. He had always been one to run into the paranormal. Art the time i was 3 or 4 and my mother was pregnant with my younger brother. let give you a little vision of what we lived by and how it looked. we live in Texas and it was a small little street maybe 5 or 6 houses and the rest were all woods. Tall trees vines and shrubs lining the streets.  my mom was one of those pregnant women who get the craving late at night. it was around midnight or so pitch black mom had sent dad out to the 711 down and past a few blocks. Dad was walking home listening to his portable CD player and playing with the bag of donuts and milk. he  had the sudden urge to take off his headphones and look into the woods.

When he did he seen a bright woman run out holding what looked to be an infant bleeding out of its head. the woman was in tears but not normal tears they were bloody. she latched on to my father begging him to help her and to save her and her baby. my father was in complete shock. Unsure of what to do he asked her what happened and she just kept screaming and crying begging him to help. now my father is a very muscular man about 5’9 well built and not easily frightened but this is could tell scared the crap out of him. he wasnt’ sure what to do he told her to come with him to our house not sure what happened to her child. but in the quickest movement to rub his blurry eyes she was gone. no trace of her at all. my father rushed home to tell my mother. which int his case scared her. we lived in a neighborhood that we knew was slave land. our backyard had chains that the tree grew over that were very old and we always experienced these things.

i have many more story’s but this one has always stood out to me. we still don’t know who she was or what happened to her child but she did scare the life out of my dad. thank you for taking the time to read this i’ll be posting more stories a lot from my fathers point of view as i mentioned before its been common for these things to happen to him.

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