Creepypasta Scary Story | My Grandma Lived Under the House

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A Creepypasta Scary Story from Reddit.

The beautiful thing about Reddit NoSleep is the possibility of these scary stories to be true stories. Well, true story or not, this Creepypasta short story is a horror story for the ages. One child’s grandmother plays an odd game that gets very, very scary. This is a rather long story, but it’s worth it – It is possibly one of the scariest creepypasta I’ve ever read. A short horror story by M. P. Camus from reddit Nosleep. You WON’T look at your grandma the same way again . . . Enjoy!

Creepypasta Scary Story | My Grandma Lived Under the House by M. P. Camus

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Scary Story Creepypasta from Reddit Nosleep. Footage by Emily Middleton.
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