Creepypasta Scary Story | Cleaning a Hoarder’s House

Another’s man’s trash is far from treasure.

Hoarders suffer from the hoarding disorder. They are obsessed with collecting and holding onto objects that most view having no sentimental value. But in this Creepypasta Scary Story, Author Eric Dodd shows us that what looks like hoarding my just be horror in disguise. This disturbing hoarding horror story is full of everything – Mysterious Ash, a Dark Mansion, and a body found that shouldn’t have been. Enjoy this scary story, and let’s hope it doesn’t ever become a true story.

Cleaning a Hoarder’s House by Eric Dodd. Read more scary stories from this talented author at or read this story here –

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Scary Story Creepypasta from Reddit Nosleep and Written by Eric Dodd. Footage by Emily Middleton.

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