Creepy Vibes

So I met this creep after I dumped my long term boyfriend. My long term relationship was sexless; I wanted it but my ex couldn’t provide. So after breaking up I just hooked up with whoever I could find. I was sexually starved, so at that point I didn’t care who came to my bed. Now is when the creep enters my story. I remember his bio pretty well; he had a very strange name (but for the sake of identity purposes, he’ll have a fake name), his bio said he had 6 dogs, and one of his photos was of him and a pitbull. He didn’t look half bad and being a sucker for cute dogs, I swiped right. We matched and we didn’t really talk at first. One night I was having one of my urges and I hit him up. He was more than pleased to come over. He didn’t give any immediate signs of danger. When he showed up he brought Red’s Hard Cider. We went to my dorm and we tried talking. He kept giving me these vibes. I ignored it and we of course did the deed. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no. I just wanted him out as soon as possible. Months go by and I stop texting him. He keeps texting me… One day I get the nerve to text back and I pretty much told him “Yeah I’m in a dedicated relationship with a girl. Thought I was bisexual turns out I’m lesbian. Sorry.” He tried to hardcore guilt me into cheating on my made up girlfriend. He left me alone. Now fast forward a few months and I’m eating lunch with my friend Paige. She was on Facebook and we go to talking about her creepy stepcousin. She showed me a picture and my heart stopped. It was the guy I met from tinder. Here’s the kicker he had attempted to kill someone when he was 14. He was also emotionally abusive towards some of his exes and he took money from Paige’s step dad. To make matters worse he would always gloat about how he almost killed someone and was only sentenced a few months because he was a minor. He’s a hard drug user and he had a wife the entire time. I must’ve been pale as a sheet because Paige asked “Is everything ok?” I told her “I think I had met up with your cousin from tinder.” She said “Ok?” “And I had sex with him…” that’s when she started freaking out with me. We sat there shook trying to comprehend what happened. I was so embarrassed. Now those weird vibes telling me to stay away made sense. I stayed on tinder for a while now I’m off due to other bizarre incidents.


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