Creepy Valentine’s Day story

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Hi my name is Eric,

I would like to tell you a time were my Valentine’s Day went horribly wrong,

Valentine’s Day had arrived, me an my girlfriend had been together for almost 1 year, an I was planning on doing something special for my girlfriend Samantha for the evening, well I had called her for the first time that day but she didn’t answer, this was odd because Samantha had always answered the phone when I called

i blew it off thinking maybe she was busy, so later that day I called her again , An to my surprise, no answer, I was getting worried, so I called her mom, she said she wasn’t home, I asked her if she knew were she might be, she said I honestly thought she was with u already, I said ok An hung up

I tried to call Samantha again An finally she picked up but nothing just someone breathing at the other end so I figured maybe she accidentally dialed me, shortly after I received a text message, it said “meet me at the park in 20 mntes” it was about 8 30 pm it was dark out now,

I had told her to meet later at our spot, Which was at that park, so I didn’t think anything of it, she texted back An agreed

it was about 9 pm at this point, I had texted Samantha, An she said she was there so I told her that I’d be there in 5 mnt, a few moments later I had arrived I texted her an asked were she was, An that I didn’t see her or her car anywere which made me alittle suspicious,samantha brought her car everywhere,

I kept moving forward I noticed her go into the woods behind the park itself, I thought this was alittle strange,  but as I was about to call I received a text message,  it said I see u, come meet me behind this tree I have a surprise

this was unusual behavior for Samantha, but it was Valentine’s Day so I decided to just go with it, that’s until i received a call from my girlfriends mom, she said Samantha had come home, An that someone had stolen her phone.

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