Creepy Uber story

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I know your looking for lyft, i only driver for uber but here is my werid creepy story as a driver. My name is Ben.

I am a Part time Uber driver one day I got a request i show up to pick up this guy Indian guy and I do my normal greeting hi how are you? Within 10 second of the ride he ask me do you like sex?

I was shocked in my mind and wasn’t sure if I was hearing right, i pretented I didn’t hear it and ask him politely what did you say? He said I’m sure you get a lot of hot girls asking you for sex huh, at the moment I felt so uncomfortable and of course the trip was at least 30 mins and we were already driving on the freeway otherwise I would of stop if it was in town and ask him to get out.

But he kept asking me about sex questions if I like it and was I interested in joining him for group sex and going around finding girls because he told me was 29 years old and was lonely and just from Texas to Seattle.

During the whole trip he would get into so much detail about sex like what he likes from a girl and what the things he woukd like to do with a girl and a guy and he said to me we should do group sex and high five each other and then he told me if no girl would ever go down on him he would be mad and would want to slap her

my mind was blown away and I was lost I didn’t know what to do anymore and halfway through the trip he said I really like you your cool and listen to me and didn’t freak out about our topic and he ask for my contact information I politely said no sorry I can’t give out that and I’m always busy working, but he kept trying and he said how about some kind of social media for him to stop I pretend to take down his social media once I drop him off.

I already reported to Uber and have him block from ever requesting a trip that can connect to me, Creepy Guy I hope we don’t ever meet ever.

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