Creepy Toys R Us Experience

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The Toys R Us near my house shut down about a week ago so the final day of its going out of business sale me and my friend Oliver decided to go see all of the cheap crap that nobody else wanted.

When we arrived it seemed normal, the employees were walking around the barren store and the customers were buying anything left on the shelves.

I got about £7 worth of candy while my friend used their toilet.

I headed over to the cashier. She rung me up and I waited for Oliver. About 4 minutes later he came out the exit and we started to walk to my house but when we passed a near by car wash Oliver said he had forgotten his phone.

I had also forgotten my wallet so I gave him the bag of candy and my house keys and said I would see him at my house.

I walked back in and went to the front desk. The obviously high teenager at the front desk gave me my wallet but no phone so I walked to the toilets to retrieve the phone. When I opened the creaky door everything felt a bit off. I wasn’t scared more unsettled. I saw my friends phone right by the sink and grabbed it. As I went to leave the door wouldn’t open.

I shouted for the employees but they didn’t come.

When I was still trying to pulling the door open the mirrors shattered and both of the stall doors flapped open and closed. About a minute later the doors stopped and the lights turned off.

I felt like crying but then I felt a hand grab my ankle and pull. I screamed. But as I screamed as loud as I could the door opened. It was Oliver. He found me curled up in a ball crying and screaming. When I saw the door was open I sprinted out the store until I couldn’t see it.

Oliver caught up with me and I told him everything. I haven’t told anyone else this story. To this day the memory haunts me.

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