Creepy Snapchat Stalker

I Went To A School in Hartford That gave bus transportation it all started in freshman year.

Im usually the introvert/quiet kid but most people usually say i need to open up and I seem cool but this experience will haunt me for the last 3 years of school.

I was Beginning To Open Up To People Because I’ve been attending the same school for 3 years and plan to graduate from here.

I Made friends with a lot of people from the football team and I went and made friends with them.

One Of Them in Particular caught my eye I’ll  address him as jake so jake was a playful type and loved to talk about girls football and Snapchat and instagram.

Our school  has two temporary classes and me and jake weren’t in these classes I had the last two blocks with him.

Me and him and a group of other friends would talk about girls Snapchat and the top 5 prettiest girls in the school.we all had the brilliant idea of adding each other on Snapchat.

I didnt add him though I added everyone except him and I’m glad I didn’t a couple weeks passed and jake got agreessive and angry with me and I just brushed it off as him wanting attention.

Then The Next Day I had hit my head really bad on my locker and to make matters worse me and him we’re play fighting  and he hit me in my head my head was hurting really bad so I told my mom what had happened then she freaked out and called the school and the board of education and had him punished.

My Mom Took me to the doctor and I was told I had a concussion and I’d be in therapy for weeks now I usually don’t have my Snapchat notifications on but for some reason this day I had them on and this kid jake had sent me tons of messages and made numerous fake accounts and sent weird messages he even sent me pictures of him and his chest and I told him stop sending me messages and I’m straight.

I Told my mom and she told the school and the situation got worse he would try touching me but not in a way I could call it out directly he’d still be messaging me on Snapchat and instagram he even found my number one day I lost it and we got into a fight and thankfully I only received inside suspension while jake was expelled

Anyways to sum this up Never be too open with anyone you never know who can turn on you.


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