Creepy Security Check In God Knows Where

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So this story takes place during my first year as an armed guard. I had many things happen that were out of the ordinary a lot to take in at first. I could only imagine what real cops go through after the shit I’ve seen and heard. Drunk, homeless, violent, or just some straight up wackos. In my first year I figured going from unarmed to armed gave me a nice pay raise so I loved working overtime. I would take as much as I could handle which took me away from home all the time which pissed of my wife to no end.

All that overtime unfortunately is what let to the majority of my odd experiences. I used to hear and see shit all the time, even got threatened to be stabbed by a hobo but once I got out my baton he left the property. So my incident happened around the holiday and there was mad overtime all over the place. One week I even clocked in at 90 hours which made for one fucking sweet paycheck.

So one day I worked a twelve hour shift and I was being relieved I was so happy to be out . Well that was short lived cause on the drive home I got a call from my boss. Not like it was mandatory but I am literally the only guard in the company that lived for O.T. So the call went something like. “There’s a building that our contractor is ditching but they still got stuff there and somebody broke in and the alarm is going so I need you to go disarm the alarm and sweep the building to check for further damage or people.”

I almost refused cause it was quite a distance away but I was getting double time and they were paying me for the trip as well so I agreed. This place was so far away that it was at this rural easy to get lost wrong fucking turn shit hole. I made one wrong turn abandoned farm then another farm with people until. Tada!! right turn so I check out the place and there is loud alarm going on and the door wasn’t even broken into it was wide open and tied up with some rope.

I cut the rope locked the door behind me and made my first bit of the round leading to the alarm panel. Normally I am usually paranoid but now I was just annoyed so I tried to hurry. I cut the off the alarm and walk further in parts of the building were pitch black and I had to use my flashlight. So as I am making one turn I hear a door open and slam followed by the alarm blaring because someone opened the emergency door. I was about to nope the fuck out of there when I was like they probably left. I made the rest of the round hearing whispers and footsteps around every corner. I figured I was paranoid and everything was cool so I made the last turn to the alarm panel on the ground I noticed dirt but it was in the shape of footprints. It led outside the main entrance and the door was wide open. I locked it and left it scared me to think I could have been  ambushed at any second days later the rest of the stuff was gone the contractor vacated the property and I never had to go back thank goodness for that.



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