Creepy Pedophile On Snapchat

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I’m 13 years old and this story was about a year ago. Let’s get to the story.

I started using this app called Snapchat. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an app that lets you send pictures/videos and also lets you send texts to your friends!

At first sight it doesn’t seem creepy or weird.

But when you get the experience of what i am about to tell you, you will see how much creepy people there are in this world…

Anyway! I was just talking to my friends group on Snapchat. When suddenly i got a friend request from someone with a name that wasn’t even a real name of some sort. It was like someone had just spammed all the buttons on his or her keyboard. It’s name was: ghsognsug

I seemed off but i didn’t think too much of it since my childish mind didn’t think of any weird things or things that didn’t seem right since at the age of 12 you don’t think much about the decisions you are going to make.

So i added the unknown person and he immediately sent me a message saying: Hello cutie <3

I thought some girl my age was trying to get a boyfriend so i thought that i pulled.

I responded with a picture of my with subtitles saying: You think i’m cute?

She immediately opened my picture and sent me a picture of teddy bear with a heart in its arms with subtitles saying: Yes you are cute! Do you want to meet me somewhere?

I sent another picture of me with subtitles saying: Sure! Where do you live?

She responded in a message with: How about you tell me where you live so i can meet you 😉

I didn’t send my address to what i suppose it was a girl.

I checked the time on my phone and it said 00:00 so 12 am in the morning.

I told the girl i had to go to bed and she said: Goodnight dear <3 <3 <3.

I suddenly woke up at 3 am with a notification on my phone saying: ghsognsug has sent you a message.

I opened it and i saw a picture of a road. I didn’t recognize what road it was until she sent me another picture of the same road but cleared. And that’s when i saw it…

It was a picture of … My road and it had subtitles saying: Is this where you live my baby?

She sent me another picture halfway through my block saying: I’m almost there sweet cheeks!

She sent me another picture 5 minutes later.

It was a picture

Of my house…

The picture had a text with it again and it said: Look outside! I won’t hurt you!

I looked outside and saw a man. A tall old man. His face… It looked so demented it looked unreal to me.

I shut the blinds and ran to my parent’s room when i remembered something…

My parents were gone eating somewhere…

I called the cops on my phone looking at the blinds but the guy wasn’t there at all!

When soon my heart dropped to the sound of a knock on my front door.

I told the cops my address and they said they would come as soon as possible.

At that part i didn’t hear anything anymore so i shut the blinds and waited for the cops.

My room is also on the first floor so anyone could knock on it.

And then… A knock came at my bedroom window… I didn’t open the blinds, but the knocking never stopped.

I opened the blinds with anger, but there was nothing there…

I shut the blinds again and waited for the cops to come.

And then i heard like it was someone fiddling with the backdoor.

The backdoor opened somehow and i heard footsteps coming up from the basement…

When the creepy man came up from the basement he said my name with a small chuckle “ooh Gilliaaaan” he said and then when i imagined i would get either kidnapped or raped i finally heard the police sirens!

The guy ran out of the basement door and out the backdoor running into the woods that was close to our house.

The cops arrived and i told them everything, but the guy was never found and he still remains free. Free to get another victim. Free to do whatever he wants.

I later noticed that i had my snapchat map open which with that friends can see where you are so that’s how he found me…

But never never! Accept a friend request from someone you don’t know.

And keep snapchat locations off!



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