Creepy Market Owner

So, I was in a cruise with my mom and two sisters and that went through some countries in Europe and one country in Africa, which is where this story takes place.

It was your typical morning, nothing strange has occurred to me yet and the cruise was very enjoyable. This stop was the second to last stop before we went back to Italy, which is where the trip started. We docked in this country named Tunisia and we went to this little town that was very beautiful and there were so many little shops in which the vendors were very eager to sell us some stuff. My mom being a people pleaser ended up buying a couple of things that really weren’t necessary but were a nice little reminder of our trip.

Now, I’m a very shy and socially awkward teen while my mom is fun and outgoing so I never really talked to the vendors, let alone spend time away from my mom. After a while, my mom was taking too long in one store and I really wanted to see what else there was since our time there was almost over.

While I’m alone walking a man comes up to me and says to me something along the lines of a beautiful girl like me shouldn’t be walking alone and that i should see some necklaces he’s selling all while looking at me up and down. Me being socially awkward I don’t put a lot of struggle I’m still constantly declining and telling him that I have to leave soon. But, he won’t budge, he keeps insisting while pulling me in his store.

Now I may have jumped to conclusions a bit but he was pulling on me really hard that I could not escape and while in the store, you’d expect him to stop in front of the merchandise but he kept going and we were getting closer and closer to the back of the store. There was no one inside the store at that time so that’s when i started screaming for my mom. I wanted to scream earlier but I hate creating fusses and drawing attention to myself, but at this point I was really freaked out and wanted to get the fuck out of there. Luckily, my mom heard my screams and came and pulled me away putting me inside the bus we came in.

This event had me really shaken up that I was not speaking at all the whole bus ride. My mom and I have never talked about this and I don’t really feel like bringing it up. While on the bus, I was thinking about it and I felt like I had overreacted but this was the first time anything like this had happened to me. I’d gotten creepy catcalls before from all types of men but this is the first time someone was physically dragging me to what seemed as the back room of the store.

While I was thinking about it on the bus, I look out the window and I see the guy glaring at me with the most evil look on his face, this kept going until the bus left and he was out of sight.

So, that leaves me to wonder if I really was overreacting or something bad could’ve really happened had my mom not found me. That experience still shakes me up to this day and I’m a lot more careful of my surroundings now. I hope something like that doesn’t happen to me again.

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