Creepy man by the water

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It was my birthday and my dad let me stay home from school. He decided we should go fishing because he would never have the chance to because of personal reasons. There was a lake by my house. Also we have a boat to use. So when we got there,there was two people that darted in there car and drove off very quickly. I was kind of creeped by it but the feeling went away when we got everything set up.

My dad got the boat going and I was excited to go and we got a little bit in to the lake we saw a man standing by the lake just looking down at the water but what was off about this man.

He had some thing in his hand I was trying to get a good look at it as I got one. I noticed it was a dead fish he looked at me and he smiled me and my dad were creeped out we wanted to leave. Then he ate the the fish. I wanted to throw up but something just stopped me from doing it he waved good bye and walked of and we decided it’s time to leave we got home safely.

We have not heard of that man anymore. We have went to the lake a few times and nothing bad happened thanks for listening to my story and I wanted to put this out there please sub to me my channel name is PURE STRATEGY.

And sorry for missing punctuations in the story I forget because I type fast.



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