The Creepy Man at Disneyland

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So this all happened years ago. I was around 15. So I went to Disney Land 1 time when I was 6 years old. So I always wanted to go there. So my parents were talking about some work stuff at the dinner table, and all of a sudden my mom said ” maybe after work, we should go to Disney Land! ” And after I heard that I was like yay.

So I told them yes we should go. So we got to go the next day. After all these 9 years I was finally going to my favorite place. 30 minutes later we were there.

So we went inside and my parents told me to go in there because they were taking my baby brother out of the car. Sorry to not mention him. So they told me to wait while they take my baby brother. So I went inside and got some stuff. Then all of a sudden I heard a man calling me by my name. In my mind I was like “how does he know my name.

So I turned around and said ” Hello sir! ” And he said ” why aren’t you new around here?” I said ” no I been here the last 9 years ago ” he just looked at me the whole time not saying a word. So I just said “bye” and when I turned around and walked away I could here his footsteps behind me the whole 5 minutes. I started to walk fatser and faster as I could.

Then he grabbed my left shoulder and pushed me into a wall and he took out a knife and said ” if you scream or move, your penis will be gone” I froze not saying a word. I said “ok but please don’t hurt me”. Then I saw a security guard at the drink bar. So i thought in my mind ” if I can break out of this fucking mess I will get out of here and tell the guard so they can fucking arrest him ” . So I punched the man hard in the face and kicked him in the grind.

Then I yelled ” help!!! ” And my parents were running of where I was at and the guard to. The man was arrested thank God I had the opportunity to escape. Mr. Creepy Man I hope we will never meet again.

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