Creepy Man at campfire

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So this happened a couple of months ago, during January I think it was. My friends and I all decided to go camping in this forest that was pretty far from where any of us lived.

We all had credit in our phones though in case we needed to call our parents, anyway as all of us gathered around the camp fire we started to do usual campfire activities like singing or telling scary stories.

My friend picked up his ukalele and just before he started to sing we heard a loud sound coming from behind us. It sounded like a twig snap, I called out to see if anyone was out there but there was no response. I’ve always been a very cautious person so I got up and began walking over to where the noise came from.

There was nothing there. I was about to turn back around and go back to my friends, then I heard someone whispering “hey” they said “hey you, over here” the person sounded like a male with a rather I pitch voice.

He began to laugh.

I’ll never forget that laugh. It’s giving me chills now just thinking about it.

I decided to simply walk back to my friends and calmly explain to them what happened, and luckily enough they believed me. As my friends were packing up our stuff I decided to call my dad and ask him to come and pick us up. I just thank God I haven’t seen or heard about that man since, and hopefully I never will again.

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