Creepy Mall Experience

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So I am a high schooler and like any high school girl, I loved shopping, even if I’m just window shopping. This experience happened to me recently and I can never go to the mall alone and feel very safe anymore. My friend and I were window shopping at around 8 in the night.

Why? Because there are less people and it’s not very noisy and we can shop in peace. We were walking when the lights from this one area in the mall turned off: well it was getting dark and the stores were starting to close. Then we heard this blood curdling laugh from somewhere far off and my friend, let’s call her Kat, looked around really terrified. To shake that freaky feeling off I said ,” I wonder what could be so funny?” I nervously laughed and we continued to walk.

There was hardly anyone at the mall now but we weren’t getting picked up until 9.

Then I heard this hissing noise and that blood curdling laugh again. But I’m not one to scare easily, until I saw something that made my heart pound. In the old navy store, a man was standing in the window with blood running down his mouth. Because of the lighting, I couldn’t identify his face but I could only see his menacing grin.

Then, as soon as he appeared, he just vanished. I thought I was hallucinating but my friend whispered: you saw that too right? It was like I lost my voice at that moment so I just nodded. Then we rounded this corner and stopped. A few feet away was that guy from the window. Again the details on his face were hard to see except his blood stained mouth which was smiling an irritating smile.

I looked at Kat and the expression on her face seemed to ask, ” what do we do now?” And, in a worried tone I replied,” Run.” So we made run for it, heading the other direction. The man wasn’t running but he was walking very slowly. We were ahead a long way but no matter how far away we got, relief never came to me.

We stopped running thinking we lost him, but then this echoing voice said, ” There’s no where you can run. No where you can hide my pretties.” Then that ear splitting laugh echoed through the halls and the mall went dark. I screamed as loud as I could and so did Kat. When the lights flickered back on, we ran out of the mall as fast as possible. To this day I still have nightmares of that man and I feel as if I’m never alone: the bad feeling.

I never figured out who he was, and I never want to.


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