Creepy Lyft

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This happened recently, my friends and I went down to PA for the weekend as a nice getaway. We did drive there but since our plan was to go out all weekend we didn’t bother driving due to safety. We turned to Lyft since Uber was giving me a hard time down there and I usually prefer Lyft.

Saturday night comes and my friend Lily and I went to this gay club and we were only there for 2 hours max. We decided we wanted to head back home to New Jersey that late night. Of course we came with friends, so we had planned to Lyft back home.

It was only $60 which we were gonna split between the two of us. We had requested the Lyft and already it was off to a bad start, our driver wasn’t able to find us. Made us walk to him instead which was annoying but we disregarded it.

The drive was only less than an hour so we figured it was not going to be so bad. Our driver was mid 20’s aged, we were having small talk with him.

He then began to ask us many questions as to why the far drive and why at this time of the night, etc. It wasn’t a big deal, so we thought. He stopped for gas and we did not mind, in fact, my friend and I went quickly to get some snacks at the mart, which our driver did not mind either. Back into the drive, our driver began asking us personal questions which i found a bit off putting but Lily and I were both a bit buzzed from earlier so we went with the flow, to an extend of course.

He then proceeded with the creepy questions, now this time it got sexual and it was making us uncomfortable.

Lily and I were both making lesbian jokes the whole ride but that’s just how we get along and our driver must’ve gotten the wrong impression. Little after, the driver pulled over and it was fucking creepy, all PA was farms and such, at least the part we were driving by.

At this point I was very aware of what was going on and I was texting my friend our plan, which was I was going to order another Lyft or Uber and we were getting out the car..

she also had 911 on her phone pad.

The driver was still trying to get us to come in the passenger seat and he slowly started to masturbate. This was so disturbing we quickly got our bags and got out the car and into the next car. We were so shocked by this, we made a report with Lyft and it’s still ongoing. I am no longer a Lyft customer after this. Uber’s from here on out.

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